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Escort for women Felina

Many a women come to Felina Barcelona seeking a lesbian service with a beautiful escort to discover techniques and new ways of pleasure from the hand from a genuine professional in the art of sex. In this case, the escort shall have sex with the female client, which shall include oral sex, penetration with the help of harnesses and dildo, if she so desires, and lesbian scissors… with the female client or the escort girl having one or more orgasms, besides fulfilling many sexual fantasies that the client may have.

The female clients visiting Felina Barcelona can either be lesbians or bisexuals. The escort girls at Felina Barcelona comprise of escorts who know when, where and how to touch, for they are perfectly acquainted with the feminine body due to which they can give pleasure thereto, and know the pleasure it would bestow on their client. Eroticism, sensuality and gentleness –an ideal place for those women who do not have a complex about their sexuality and know how to take full advantage thereof. Unlike men, sex between women does not come to an end when one of the two has an orgasm since both keep deriving sexual satisfaction, and who can be better than a professional escort to treat a woman the way she deserves to be treated, both in the bed and out of it.

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Escort for women at Felina

On our premises, the ladies come across a place with beautiful women and a lot of discretion, without any limits or taboos. If you are a woman and wish to have a complete sexual fling with a woman, do not think twice about it and pay a visit to our office. We advise you to call us up in advance so that we can book up the girl that you want for yourself.

Here you will be able to come across all the escorts who are available at your service. You can get in touch with us through our contact form or by giving us a call on +34 630 333 111.

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Can Bruixa Street, 42 B - Barcelona
Street level (District Les Corts)
+34 934 095 319 / +34 630 333 111

Line 3 - Les Corts Station (L3).

54, 59, 66, 78, H8, H10 and V7.

Parking close.

10 minutes in taxi. Be careful with taxi drivers. They might try to convince you to go somewhere else because they work on commission. Also if they told you that Felina is closed, it's a lie, we are open 24/7.

ESTAMOS ABIERTOS Be careful with taxi drivers. Some of them may try to take you another brothel or club because they work on commission. Please kindly remember that Felina Barcelona is never closed. ×
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