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Anal sex, commonly known as Greek, and known by other names like sodomy or anal intercourse. It is concerned with a sexual activity wherein the man inserts his penis in the anus of his partner. It must be borne in mind that it is possible for a woman to penetrate the anus of a man or another woman by using prosthesis such as a dildo or a harness attached to the pubis. This type of anal sex is known as pegging. Anal sex encompasses all kinds of stimulation, such as oral-anal sex, also known as anilingus or rimming.

Although it still remains a taboo among both men and women, there are many people who find pleasure in anal sex or Greek, and some of them are capable of increasing the orgasm with this practice. We must remember that a well lubricated dick ensures guaranteed pleasure that would add a new dimension to the relation.

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Anal sex in Barcelona

Prior to anal sex one has to explore and arouse the anal area by giving a massage with the fingers, mouth, toys… and lubricant, when the woman or the man is well lubricated the dick or the dildo can be inserted. There is a physiological explanation for both the man and the woman to enjoy the anal sex service:

  • Women: The anus belongs to the group of nerve endings that contract during the intercourse, besides the opening of the anus is wider than the opening of the vagina and hence the intensity of the sensation of penetration.
  • Men: The G point of men is at the opening of the anus. The pleasure is assured if it is aroused.

We must remember that there is a muscle in the rectum that tightens on being aroused, which sometimes causes nuisance during anal sex. If the penetration is forced it may cause an injury. It is, thus, advised to use lubricants.

At Felina Barcelona we have many women who provide the anal sex service. We also have dildo harnesses on offer to penetrate a man's anus. A sex experience that is always practiced with limitation can provide an immense pleasure and help you rediscover other ways of arousing ourselves and our partner.

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