Sex toys

Sex toys

Sex toys are accessories for sexual relations that enable a person to avoid sexual monotony and try out new sexual pleasures, which have been hitherto unknown to him/her in a routine couple sex.

There are a lot of companies these days that offer sex toys for both men and women. However, one can also experiment with daily objects that will arouse different sensations.

The main aim of these toys is to increase the female pleasure, though some of them also add to the man's pleasure. Here are some of the marketed sex toys:

  • Stroker or male masturbators: It is a cylinder in which a man inserts his tool. The inner part has ridges while the outer part is gentle with nodules. It is commonly used by people having erectile dysfunction.
  • Vibrator: It is the most used sex toy by women. This toy simulates a dick and vibrates. A non-vibrating version thereof is also available and is known as a dildo. This toy is generally used on its own and helps in assisting in masturbation. However, it can also be used with a partner and experience, say, double penetration.
  • Harness with dildo: It is used for both lesbian sex and heterosexual sex. In lesbian sex a woman penetrates another woman with a harness-dildo, thereby simulating the penis of a man. In case of heterosexual sex the woman penetrates the man and practices anal sex.

All these sex objects can be used on the premises of Felina Barcelona. Request the manager or the escort to enjoy an all new sexual experience.

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