Bachelor parties in Barcelona at Felina Bcn

Bachelor parties in Barcelona: Enjoy them at Felina Bcn

A bachelor party should be a one-of-a-kind celebration, a fun-filled night that not only the groom, but his friends (who likely organized the party), should remember for the rest of their lives. That said, the focus should, of course, always be on the man of the hour.

In many European cities, tradition dictates that the groom wear a costume on his last night of single life, still “free” to do all those things he won’t be able to do after he ties the knot: flirting with girls, heavy drinking, and visits to strip clubs or brothels…anything goes on this one night of debauchery.

At Felina Barcelona we’re experts in what it means to have a real bachelor party. Countless groups of friends ready to celebrate a last night of singleness have celebrated their bachelor parties at our brothel, and as you might imagine, some of the most popular services include:


There’s no more classic image of a bachelor party than the groom and his friends gathered in a room watching an escort, stripper or prostitute perform an expert striptease. Sexy music, sexy curves, a sexy experience from start to finish. The man of honor can sit in the center of the room to receive the full attention of the escort as she strips in front of him, and the groom can even participate by taking off her bra or lowering her zipper…

Erotic dance

Not to be confused with a striptease: taking off clothes is not necessarily a part of erotic dance. But the escort will still be the center of attention as she shakes her hips and moves her body to the beat of the sensual music she’s chosen. She might even dance with some of the party-goers, quickly turning up the heat in any room. But the main focus, again, should be the groom, and moving to the beat with an exotic dancer is guaranteed to set the pulse of even the best-behaved bachelors racing.

Lesbian Show

Watching two stunning women touch each other in a uniquely sexual moment is one of the most common sexual fantasies of most men. A bachelor party is the perfect time to turn this fantasy into reality with Felina Barcelona’s lesbian service. Give them free rein of the bed and treat yourself to a show as two vixens unleash their passion before your eyes.

Private date with an escort

Of course, a bachelor party is also the perfect chance to give the groom one last night of freedom in style. Make a date with one of the spectacular escorts who collaborate with Felina Barcelona and give your friend a wild, intimate night like he’s never had before. What happens at Felina Barcelona, stays at Felina Barcelona.

And don’t forget the friends

The groom isn’t the only one who should enjoy his time at the brothel: why not make a date with some of the ladies whose details you can check out on our website. You can also wait and choose which escort you’d like to spend time with once you’re at Felina Barcelona.

This is the perfect chance for you to do all those wild things you’ve never dared to do before in bed –always, of course, with the escort’s consent– for a new sexual experience with a skilled professional. Every woman who collaborates with Felina Barcelona is talented, gorgeous, passionate and a delight to be around.

We recommend you make an appointment first by phone or stop by our rooms first so that we can help you plan a bachelor party that not only your friend, but you and anyone else you invite, won’t ever forget.