¿How to masturbate a woman?

How to masturbate a woman

Masturbating is still a taboo subject for some women. Let's be honest! Who has not masturbated? We have all done it more or less frequently. A subject that should not be ashamed, it is one of the most natural actions and the best way to self-pleasure and female self-exploration. But what happens when we are not the ones who masturbate? When someone else does it.

No matter how much experience a man has in sex, the doubt always jumps in their minds: Am I doing it right? I can do better? and even in some cases the nerves can betray with a how do I do it? Even more so when it comes to sex with luxury prostitutes.

All the call girls have had clients on occasion who have come to clear up their doubts in the sexual field. Being one of the most frequent doubts, how to masturbate a woman , the truth is that each woman has pleasure in a different way. "Some get excited with kisses and others get wet with verses." But, don't be discouraged! There are some points that most of us agree on, we have decided to share it with you, through some tips and tricks.

We started!


Tips and tricks


Knowing what he likes and what he doesn't like is the main step for a 10 masturbation. It is not only achieved by asking the person directly (which is the easiest method). It is also to go further and explore the ways in nonverbal communication: looks, touch, moans, etc. Foreplay is a good time to find out what a woman likes.

Always go from less to more!

It is important not to start by directly touching the clitoris. Please don't make that mistake!

The clitoris has more than 8000 nerve endings, touching it when it is not ready can be very annoying for any woman. Remember that the speed with which a man is aroused is not comparable to that of a woman, we need time, foreplay, kisses, caresses and erotic games to be at 100. Once you notice that she is very aroused and coincides with female lubrication, you can begin to touch her clitoris, with gentle strokes, and increasing the pace. Don't rush and take your time!


Kiss, touch and caress gently!   It is a highly sensitive area for women, circular movements are ideal, never try to force yourself to move up and down. When you feel your clitoris more swollen and highly lubricated, it is time to look for the little mountain of pleasure.

Do not focus only on the clitoris, stimulate other erogenous zones: neck, ears, nipples, scalp, lips, belly, back. You will notice abundant lubrication and it will be time for ...

Now don't stop!


Errors when masturbating a woman

  • Do not wash your hands and have short nails.

  • Use masturbation as a preliminary.

  • Not communicating.

  • Do not do preliminaries.

  • Do not use lubricants.

  • Do not stimulate other erogenous zones.

  • Hastening the moment of climax.


Benefits of female masturbation

Reduce stress and improve sleep

Female masturbation helps release some hormones like dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin, which are commonly called happiness hormones and give that natural high we all need. Masturbating before sleeping is as effective as doing yoga or receiving an erotic massage or a relaxing massage, the brain goes into rest after an excellent sexual climax, this explains why many times we are in a drowsy state, perfect to fall asleep in a way. fast.

Reduces physical pain

Yes! An orgasm helps to mitigate inflammation in the body and reduce discomfort. The substances secreted during masturbation act as a natural analgesic in the body.

Multiple orgasm

Female masturbation helps to improve self-esteem and sexual life as a couple, through self-knowledge. It prepares the body for pleasure, thus facilitating the long-awaited multiple orgasms.


In conclusion, masturbating a woman in the right way is giving her a special moment in intimacy. So don't be afraid to use: sex toys, oils, lubricants, porn, music, candles, etc. Everything you consider necessary for your sexual pleasure. Although it is true that each woman is different, but with these tips transmitted by the company girls of Felina Barcelona, we are all in agreement.

As they say over there "Practice makes perfect" and who better than a company girl in Barcelona to start putting all these tips and tricks into practice. What are you waiting for to do something different? Enjoy the best escorts in Barcelona in Felina Barcelona, the house most luxurious Sex Club and discreet, with all amenities for a pleasurable sexual encounter.