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What is an escort girl?

It is easy to confuse escort girls with luxury escorts. In fact, the line between the two isn’t fully clear. There are escort girls who provide, apart from the escorting service, sex services to their customers, and luxury escorts who also work as partners besides their regular services. In any case, an escort girl, call girl or escort is a woman who volunteers to accompany her customers to dinners, events and public events or even trips in exchange for a financial compensation.

Escort girls are generally well-mannered, attractive and very adaptable women. They aren’t usually visible to the general public in the street or a club nor do they stay at a fixed place. These professionals generally work independently, or for escort and partner agencies, or for escorthouses.

Most escort girls advertise their services on home pages, agencies, directories, forums and all types of online marketing or advertising media. The client, therefore, has to book a date beforehand using a phone number or email. However, brothels allow the customers to be present physically and meet many escorts in person.

What services are provided by escort girls?

As we mentioned before, they mainly accompany those customers to events, dinners and public events who want to leave a good public impression or simply seek a woman’s company. Still, in many cases, sexual relations are included in the services. In a lot of cases, the escort girl is needed to fulfill a sexual fantasy, fetish or a certain sexual act according to the client’s tastes.

The services that may be included in the sexual rendezvous with a call girl include a lot of sexual and erotic practices, some of which are quite unique: massages, fetish fantasies, oral sex, anal sex, erotic roleplay games, Kamasutra positions, sado, golden shower, orgies, threesomes, striptease, sex toys, costumes or services to couples.

On the other hand, there are clients who can approach an escort girl with the sole intention of having a conversation or an experience with an attractive and interesting woman without having any sexual relations.

Depending on the escort girl, the services may be provided at specific places like private apartments, hotel rooms, homes or flats, besides visiting the client’s home.

All in all, the services offered are extensive, just like the tastes and demands of the customers.

How to choose an escort girl?

Before anything else one has to go to a well-reputed place and know clearly what one wants.

A reputed escorts’ directory in which one can come across ads of independent escorts, agencies and brothels can be a good choice. However, sometimes a specific advertisement can be a publicity stunt to draw attention to the brothel or agency and the specific escort may not be available. It can be used for a general search of brothels, agencies or independent call girls.

Top-notch and reliable escorts’ agencies can also help in choosing according to the client’s tastes. Escorts’ agencies usually work with independent escorts who meet other high-quality requirements. On the contrary, agencies are usually more expensive than independent girls or escorthouses and cannot guarantee the availability of the chosen girl.

Most escorthouses, like Felina Barcelona, also have their very own websites wherein they post about the escort girls working on their premises. If the brothel is well-reputed, it is usually more reliable than the online directory and agency ads and has the advantage of having a place where one can physically go and meet many escorts in person. They also tend to guide the customer according to his tastes and preferences and assure an optimal experience like the agencies.

Generally, it is best to contact brothels or agencies with a good reputation and let them clearly know the type of experience you wish to have, thereby letting the contacted person guide and recommend you. Furthermore, having a look at the past experiences of customers can help adjust and arrive at the final choice from among all the escort girls.