Felina’s latest fad

prostitutes for golden shower in Barcelona

A gentle Nordic breeze brings us sweet fragrances tinged of novelty in Carrer Can Bruixes, Barcelona. Among these new delicate perfumes coming from elsewhere, two names stand out: those of Rocio and Andrea. Looking at these beautiful and sensual ladies can only be compared to the contemplation of the end of the world admired from the top of a precipice. Their thin bodies glistening in the dim light are ready to release your most lewd and carnal desires. As if drawn by an inexplicable magnetic force your naked body will merge with hers, initiating a dance of caresses, kisses and frenzy, where no mediocre and boring triviality is invited. Navigating seas of bed linen and oceans of eroticism, you will reach an almost cosmic orgasm. Nothing will ever be the same.

They know that it’s the details that make the difference… Come this week and share your passion for pleasure…