This Hallooween, have a horrific time at Felina Barcelona

Halloween Barcelona 2017

Are you thinking about how to celebrate the Halloween 2017 in Barcelona? The most terrifying day of the year is around the corner and Barcelona is brimming with parties and activities to celebrate it. Are you looking for alternatives to the typical plans? Do you want to know a bit more about the Halloween's origins? Do not miss out on our post!

Halloween 2017 in Barcelona

Horror lovers will be celebrating their favorite festival come October 31: the Halloween. Also known as the Night of the Witches, the Night of the Dead or the Eve of All Saints' Day, this celebration is the result of the Christianization of the summer-end festival of Celtic origin, the Samhain. Contrary to the current belief, the Halloween traditions were celebrated in Spain before the United States came into existence as a nation. Thus, Halloween could be regarded as an Iberian tradition, though known as Samhain, which has seen a resurgence related to the American culture.

At present, the Halloween is one of the main festivals on the American and Canadian festive calendars. In Spain and many other European countries, the way of celebrating the Eve of All Saints' Day, with parties, costumes, carved pumpkins and the popular trick or treat, has been imported from the United States.

How about you? Did you know that this festival had its origins in the Celtic culture? Do you already know how you are going to celebrate this year's Halloween? These days, many establishments in Barcelona are putting the finishing touches to the special activity schedule that they have organized for celebrating the Halloween in Barcelona. This year, the activities for celebrating the Halloween begin the previous weekend. Besides the typical costume parties, other activities such as horror movie marathons, thematic dinners or a route through the Poblenou Cemetery have also been organized. Halloween 2017 in Barcelona will undoubtedly be a horrifically exciting night.

Halloween at Felina Barcelona

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