Impact of covid-19 on the escort industry


Impact of covid-19 on the escort industry ...

The great wave of coronavirus has impacted the economy not only locally but globally, Most countries are blocked and avoid agglomerations in large groups in fact some of the countries such as Spain have incorporated the curfew and have limited the mobility for essential purposes, without a doubt all types of industries have stopped and one of the most affected is the escorting industry.

This new normal has generated challenges and has reinvented itself in all sectors, In the escorting sector incorporating webcam, erotic toys etc, however at Felina Barcelona we understand the meaning of the pleasure that spending time with an escort generates and we have taken the necessary measures so that This situation generated by the pandemic does not put pause the little moments of pleasure with the strictest sanitary measures and thus both clients and escorts can enjoy the hourly rooms at Felina Barcelona with confidence and without worries.


Felina Barcelona measures against Covid-19.


  • Temperature measurement before entering the Felina Barcelona facilities to verify that they do not have a fever, the main symptom of Covid-19
  • Disinfection with hydroalcoholic gel.
  • The escorts who work in the rooms by the hour at Felina Barcelona frequently take the Covid-19 test
  • The use of the approved mask is essential.
  • In case of presenting any symptoms, cancel the reservation (Escort, Client) and not attend the meeting.
  • Disinfection of all surfaces in the room for hours before and after each encounter as well as individual air conditioning
  • Avoid performing the GFE service and direct contact with mucous membranes such as natural French.
  • We have private laundry where cleaning and disinfection products are implemented for all textiles.
  • For hygiene reasons, escorts usually have a shower before and another after the appointment, currently it is a requirement among them, as well as the incorporation of hydroalcoholic gel after the shower and oral disinfectant.
  • The ladies are displaced with a private driver who provides all sanitary measures and disinfection of the vehicle from their home to the meeting place (in case of requiring hotel or home reservations).

At Felina Barcelona we do not reduce efforts to provide our clients and escorts with a completely safe environment so that they can enjoy sexual pleasure. Due to the restrictions due to COVID-19, Felina is currently closed but we continue to serve in our rooms for hours located at calle can bruixa 44A from 10:00 to 22:00.


´´Diverse studies show that people who experience a greater number of orgasms increase immunoglobulin levels (a protein that forms the first line of defense, produced by the immune system to attack antigens, such as bacteria, allergens and viruses as well COVID-19) ´´