Saint John’s Night in Barcelona 2017

Saint John’s Night in Barcelona 2017

One of the most magical festivals of the year, Saint John’s Night, is approaching. In Barcelona, the festival of Saint John, Revetlla de Sant Joan in Catalan, is one of the most deep-rooted popular festivals. Do you want to know a little more about the Saint John’s Night in Barcelona? In that case you cannot miss what we are going to tell you here.

Saint John's Night 2017

The Saint John’s night will be celebrated on the daybreak of 23 to 24 June, the shortest night of the year. This is a Christian festival of Pagan origins wherein the summer solstice is celebrated. A magical night in which bonfires are usually lit, which, according to popular belief, served to give more strength to the sun on its way to the winter solstice. The fire is one of the main symbols of this festivity.

In many traditions, the Saint John’s night is a magical night in which everything can happen, due to which it is a date enveloped in mysticism and legends. There are some very popular Saint John rituals like jumping over the bonfire or swimming in the sea on Saint John’s Night.

The Saint John’s Night is also known as the Nit de les Bruixes (Night of Wizards) or Nit del Foc (Night of Fire) in Barcelona. During the entire festival, the night is replete with the lights and sounds of fireworks set off by children and adults alike. The streets, squares and beaches of Barcelona swell up with local festivities and parties. The traditional dish of the Saint John’s night in Barcelona is the Saint John coca, a typical sweet dish accompanied by cava.

The Saint John’s Night in Barcelona is one of the prettiest festivals of this city.

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Saint John’s Night in Barcelona 2017

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