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Be careful with taxi drivers. Some of them may try to take you another brothel or club because they work on commission. Please kindly remember that Felina Barcelona is never closed.


Prostitutes New Year’s Eve in Barcelona

Are you looking for escorts this New Year’s Eve in Barcelona?

2017 is just around the corner! Can you conceive of a better idea for celebrating it than with our escorts or whores on this New Year’s Eve at our bordello in Les Corts? At Felina BCN, we take care of all the details, especially on dates as important as the arrival of a New Year. How about dropping by to meet the escorts collaborating with us on one of the longest nights of the year?

Christmas Eve at a nightclub.

Christmas Eve at a nightclub. And why not?

Have you ever thought about spending the Christmas Eve at a nightclub in Barcelona? And why not? Felina Barcelona is one of the nightlife venues in the Catalan capital that are open all night long. If you like strong emotions and new experiences, our brothel is the perfect place for you. Will you dare to live this adventure?

Voluptuous sluts

Do you know Felina BCN’s busty escorts?

The busty escorts are the most popular escorts at Felina BCN. Touching, kissing or masturbating with big boobs can drive any man crazy, which is why the escorts having an excellent front-side are one of the most demanded ones at our whorehouse in Les Corts. Would you like to come and meet them?

Sexy Christmas in Barcelona

Sexy Christmas in Barcelona: Discover it at Felina

The coldest time of the year is here! Can you think of a better way to spend these holidays than at Felina? Every year we celebrate the Christmas holidays in a very special way at our brothel in Les Corts: discover the sexy Christmas in Barcelona!

Sluts in Barcelona for losing the virginity

Losing your virginity with sluts in Barcelona

Do you wish to lose your virginity but are deterred by your nerves? Or maybe you think that you don’t know enough to make your sexual partner enjoy? Do not worry! In today’s post we are going to talk about the benefits of losing your virginity with a whore in Barcelona.

Blond escorts at Felina BCN

Know the blonde sluts at Felina BCN

Did you know that the blonde sluts at Felina Barcelona are among the most demanded escorts? And it comes as no surprise! The cliché “gentlemen prefer blondes” was never wrong. And the fact is that the prototype of the angelical, feminine and stylish woman often corresponds to a blonde woman. Would you like to come and meet the fair-skinned beauties working at our whorehouse?

El Clásico at the Nou Camp

Celebrate Barça vs. Madrid at Felina Barcelona

Come December 3 FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will face each other in the first Clásico of the season. The most awaited game by the fans will take place on matchday 14 of the Liga Santander. You surely do not want to miss the clash. Will you will be in Barcelona to support your team during the match? Are you looking for the perfect plan for before or after the Barça vs. Madrid game? If so, you cannot miss this post.

Argentine sluts in Barcelona

What is so special about the Argentine escorts in Barcelona?

Do you live in Barcelona? Are you one of those who enjoy the company of South American women a lot? Well, if your answer is yes, you must surely know how Argentine escorts are, and if you know us, you must know the ones working at Felina BCN.

Dominican whores in Barcelona

Dominican escorts or sluts at Felina Barcelona

Do you have a weakness for Dominican escorts or sluts? Do you live in Barcelona? Do not forget to visit Felina BCN! You can meet the prettiest and sexiest Dominican hookers at our brothel. Don’t wait any more and pay us a visit. We are located in the Les Corts district in Barcelona.

Spanish whores in Barcelona

Spanish escorts or sluts in Barcelona

Spanish sluts in Barcelona are the most sought-after women at brothels or as luxury escorts. Do you know why? There are many reasons, though the bottom line is that they are very hard-to-find escorts. Would you like to know some of them? We are waiting for you at Felina Barcelona!

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Street level (District Les Corts)
+34 934 095 319 / +34 630 333 111

Line 3 - Les Corts Station (L3).

54, 59, 66, 78, H8, H10 and V7.

Parking close.

10 minutes in taxi. Be careful with taxi drivers. They might try to convince you to go somewhere else because they work on commission. Also if they told you that Felina is closed, it's a lie, we are open 24/7.

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