Whores or luxury escorts?

Whores or luxury escorts

When I started my work as a sexual companion at Felina Barcelona, ​​it was one of the unknowns that fluttered in my mind, “whores in Barcelona” sounded really derogatory to me, especially because of the misuse that is conditioned to this word or perhaps because the word prostitute has ceased to be the name of a trade to become an insult of pejorative connotation, so much so that even those who are, reject the fact of being called that. Escort was the word that best fit my profile and that of my Felina Barcelona colleagues.


Why do they use the word whore at Felina Barcelona?

The word escort comes from escorting which means accompaniment, sexual or not. At Felina Barcelona, the Sex Club where I offer my services, they don't like to use the word prostitute to address us. However, this word is one of the most searched by users in the main search engines. I understood it later when working as an independent escort.

This must be attributed to the information provided by many websites between the difference of one or the other, where characteristics that make us different from each other stand out, such as:

  • Languages
  • Prices
  • Weather
  • Know to be
  • Height
  • Studies

These are some of the characteristics that differentiate one type of companion from others. As in everything, there are skills and knowledge that make the difference between luxury escorts and prostitutes, although in this profession there is always something in common: sex without commitment.

Beyond sex ...

Being an escort goes beyond sex, it is feeling completely free and comfortable with what you do. Not being obliged, on the contrary, enjoying it and what this job entails: events, private parties and romantic dinners, with a good knowing how to be, that is where the perfect balance of a luxury escort: the "knowing how to be and enjoy".

Sex has its exceptions and is not always part of the encounter, that is why I say that being an escort goes beyond sex. It is having a balanced lifestyle without excesses and offering something more than a complete fránces.

Elegance, beauty and the ability to adapt to all situations with knowing how to be allows us to substitute any role even of a girlfriend with a Girlfriend Experience, an escort wraps her encounters in erotic massages (many have studies in tantric massages, body to body, including chiropractors and alternative therapies), stimulating showers, conversations.

What is the difference of the clients between the prostitutes and the escorts?

The type of client of a prostitute in Barcelona is directed towards those who want a short, fast and sometimes mechanized sexual service. In which the types of sexual services that the miss offers are often indispensable.

The difference between one service and another is noted by the freshness in which an appointment attends the select gentleman who goes to an escort service understands that it is more than a quick fuck.

As in relationships it is difficult to find someone who meets all our expectations, in choosing an escort she is no exception. Luckily there are agencies like Felina Barcelona that provide the best advice according to your tastes and preferences and of course? the tastes and preferences of us escorts.