Erotic Costumes

Erotic Costumes

According to the Kinsey Institute of Sexology, sexual fantasies are essential for masculine and feminine sexuality, and this is one of the distinguishing points between human beings and animals in terms of sexual instincts. Therefore, erotic costumes play a very vital role in the sexual relations of many partners. The dressed woman goes with the flow, and is free to perform any role of her choice at that time. It is role-play that arouses erotic feelings and sexuality during an encounter. The man sees the woman dressed in the way he sees her in his erotic fantasies, and dominates her or lets himself be dominated by her, according to the role chosen by her.

At Felina Barcelona we have a whole gamut of erotic costumes to fulfill all your erotic fantasies with the escorts of our premises: sexy nurses, innocent schoolgirls, evil policewomen, sexy domestic help… Open up your mind, let your imagination fly and make all your sexual fantasies a reality. Choose the escort and let yourself be advised by her, and convert your sexual fantasy into a reality. The rental of the erotic costume shall have a small additional cost, insignificant in comparison with the amount of pleasure that it shall confer on you. Contact the manager or the lady for the rates.

Remember that this element can be chosen in combination with other erotic games: vibrators, dildo, bandage, whips, harnesses… All the sex toys will add a touch of morbid eroticism to the sex relationship.

Let yourself be carried away by your imagination and relish an open and taboo-less sex with the escorts at our luxurious premises in Barcelona.

You will find out that most of the girls that you run into at Felina Barcelona are willing to give a spicy touch to sex with an arousing and erotic costume.

Visit us in Barcelona

Can Bruixa Street, 42 B - Barcelona
Street level (District Les Corts)
+34 934 095 319 / +34 630 333 111

Line 3 - Les Corts Station (L3).

54, 59, 66, 78, H8, H10 and V7.

Parking close.

10 minutes in taxi. Be careful with taxi drivers. They might try to convince you to go somewhere else because they work on commission. Also if they told you that Felina is closed, it's a lie, we are open 24/7.

ESTAMOS ABIERTOS Cuidado con los taxistas, algunos intentarán llevarte a otra casa relax o club para cobrar una comisión. No lo olvides, nuestra casa nunca está cerrada. ×
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