Submission and domination are a series of sexual practices included in the BDSM. The word BDSM is made up of the combination of the initials of: Bondage and Discipline; Domination and Submission; and Sadism and Masochism.

People who like domination and submission enjoy getting orders from the other person or making that other person act according to their will. The sexual partners engaging in domination and submission get different names according to the role played by them. The person who takes the domineering role is called the master or the dominant partner. Likewise, the person who surrenders is known as the submissive or dominated partner. A person may assume both the roles in what is known as a switch.

In such sexual practices, it is important for both the partners to set their limits prior to starting. Although the physical contact is not essential to have a domination and submission relationship, there are many couples that include it in such roleplay games as the submissive person tends to enjoy being whipped with the hand (spanking) or a whip.

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Tips to engage in Submission

While having sexual relations involving submissive games or RPGs with the Submissive partner, it is very important to have the following tips in mind:

  • Being sure that the people involved in the RPG are doing it voluntarily without being forced or pressurized to do so.
  • The Submissive partner should set his/her limits before starting the submission session.
  • Setting a safeword allows the Submissive partner to stop the game. It is recommended for this word to be sonorous, easy to remember and have a fast diction. For example, one safeword could be "Stop".

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