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Blonde whores and escorts Barcelona

The blonde hookers and escorts in Barcelona who collaborate with Felina usually come from European and Nordic countries, since most of the women there have natural blonde hair. The blonde hookers in Barcelona also stand out for their slender bodies, they are usually quite tall women with a very good presence.

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"Gentlemen prefer blondes" as they said in that movie starring Marilyn Monroe. Which, by the way, gives her name every reason as she is one of the most desired women in history and an icon of sensuality in the world, which is why blonde hookers in Barcelona are highly sought after in BCN.

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Yes, the best BCN blonde escorts come to the Sex Club Felina and they are one of the most requested by clients of luxury prostitution. It is not for less! Blonde escorts are characterized by being more sensual and according to various studies blonde hair is associated to a greater degree with youth as well as giving the impression of being energetic and playful escorts.

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