Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about our brothel

More than 10 years in the industry allowed us to grow and improve, in order to ensure the best possible service both to the customer and to the escorts who collaborate with us in Barcelona. Our main objective is to provide a professional service and maximum quality to all customers who decide to visit us. In an industry where public information is scarce, many times raises a variety of issues related to: the own escorts, encounters and sexual services, the form of payment, the rules of the establishment or operation of the facilities.

In this section we try to respond to some of the most frequently asked questions that have been passed down to us by our customers. If you have any other questions or comments please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We will answer you as soon as possible.


When you meet the girl:

  1. Be courteous and respectful.
  2. For a pleasant and “fluid" experience, tell her about your needs, what you prefer and what you don't like. The girls can't read your mind.
  3. Shower and make sure to soap and wash your erogenous zones well. If the girl comes to your house, it would be good to have a towel and soap just for her.
  4. Do not take too much alcohol or drugs. Alcohol and drugs can also affect your judgement capacity and unleash aggressiveness. We do not permit aggressive behaviour.
  5. Be clear about the service you want and about the amount of money you are willing to spend.
  6. Pay in advance and try to avoid that we have to ask for it. Be discreet, for your safety and ours. Don't forget that the prices are not negotiable.
  7. Respect the set time limit. If you want to prolong the service time, re-negotiate the price.
  8. Bring condoms and water-based lubricants. In general, we have our own stocks but sometimes it is better if you bring them with you, just in case.
  9. Do not cause confrontations about condoms. They are used for your protection and ours. Condoms are as necessary for oral sex as they are for vaginal and anal sex. The use of a condom is not negotiable.
  10. Words and expressions like “strong/gently", “impetuous/tranquil", “fast/slow" have different meanings for each person. Be precise about the sense-meaning of these words for you.
  11. If you want to have an erotic conversation, talk dirty or use determined words during the service, speak to the girl at the start. It is essential to reach an agreement about the use of these words and respect her decisions and limits. The girls can feel comfortable with some things, but not with others.
  12. Remember that the girls are people, just like everyone else.
  13. Have the same respect for us as you have for yourself and other people.
  14. Be yourself. The client/girl relationship is built on TRUST. Don't worry if you lack experience. We are professionals and we are here to help you. Express your desires and your limits clearly, that way we will know what makes you feel comfortable.
  15. Never assume anything, for whatever reason. It is always better to talk about it. Feel comfortable. If you have any questions, ask them!

It is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE to be disrespectful and violent with the girl. This type of behaviour is aggression: criminal offences punishable by Law.

To be sure about the availability of the escort, we recommend you to phone us in the same week.

The escort will inform you about the rates for 30 min, 45 min and 1h of sexual intercourse. These rates include the price of the room, an erotic shower service, a sensual massage and a sexual intercourse.

All rates: 30 min, 1h and 45 min, include one sexual intercourse. If you want to have an extra one it would cost 30 Euros more.

Felina Barcelona is located in a discreet street, with little traffic. Our sign is not illuminated to indicate the type of activity that felina offers. Once you are inside, discretion is our motto, both on behalf of the escorts and of the manager that receives you.

The escort will charge you according to the agreed time before each service and according to the sexual services that you decide between the two of you. The prices are defined by the sex workers and cannot be negotiable out of respect for them.

Yes, felina does accept credit cards, except American Express. Felina Barcelona also has an accredited bank ATM on site for completely legal and transparent cash withdrawal.

Most of our escorts are available to go to hotels, but not all of them have pictures on the website. If you want you can choose the girl on the website or in person at felina. The prices of outcall are the same as in felina with the extra for the taxi.

Yes, the minimum time you can contract at felina is a service of 30 min. For outcalls the minimum time is one hour.

Yes, you can visit us whenever you want, we open every day 24 hours. In the case you want to stay with any lady in particular, we recommend you make a reservation.

Yes, you can. We accept €, $ and Pounds. Felina Barcelona also has an accredited bank ATM on site for completely legal and transparent cash withdrawal. 

Women and men over 18 years can go to Felina Barcelona.

Felina Barcelona makes discounts for long stays with the escort (more than 6 hours)

Yes, it's sure. In the case that the girl that you have chosen is not available to go to your hotel, we will phone you to choose another one.

Yes, Felina Barcelona has an entrance at street level, and wide corridors through which a wheelchair can pass.


There are no two girls alike. The activity of sex is a sector made up of individuals, which means that each girl establishes her own rules and limits.

You can check out the Services section to know the sexual and partner service that the escorts working at our whorehouse engage in, and also the escorts providing those services. All the services that an escort provides often are specified in her profile. We would like to remind you that it is the ladies who freely decide the services they provide and can always refuse to provide a specific service. This is something the customer must respect.

Therefore, we always recommend the customer to talk to the receptionist about the sex services he/she wishes to receive. She will introduce you to the escorts who provide those services.

If the escort chosen by you does not provide the services you want:

  • You can talk to the receptionist so that she can arrange another introduction with the escorts providing the service in question.
  • You can continue with the chosen escort, but you must respect her rules and limits.

We are always surprised by this request. There are clients who don't seem to realise that the use of a condom is in his own interest, his own protection and the protection of the girls against sexually transmitted diseases. These are quite widespread and it is impossible to know whether a person carries an infection or even if he knows about it. The use of a condom forms part of our activity. It protects us and it protects you at the same time.

Our girls' bodies are their main work tool and they take care of it as best as possible, as should any person who is sexually active and who has more than one partner. At Felina Barcelona we worry about practising safe sex in order to protect ourselves and to protect our clients. It is necessary to understand that it is sexual relationships without protection that put people into a risk situation of being infected.

There is very little risk of catching STD or AIDS if condoms are used during sexual relationships. The fact that there is an exchange of money or not does not in any way change this fact. We are safe sex professionals. If you are not sure how to correctly use a condom, ask one of our escorts to explain it to you. The will be happy to do so.

What happens is up to you and the girl in question. If it worries you, speak to her about it beforehand. In general, if she does not greet you, it is better to be discreet and ignore her. Some prefer not to be recognised under any circumstances outside work.

Nymphomania is the term used to describe a dependency on sex, an exaggeration of a person's sexual needs. People frequently believe, without any reason whatsoever, that the girls are sex “addicts" or that they are “sluts" because part of our activity is to have regular sexual relationships with different men. It is true that our activity means we have to be comfortable with diverse aspects of sexuality. But that does not make us sex addicts.

The consumption of drugs or alcohol is not specific to the sex activity.

The stereotype image of the pimp is that of a man who controls the work and money of a woman who is in the sex business. The reality is that all the girls work independently: Some choose to join up with other girl colleagues to share resources, for example; working in the same apartment. Other girls prefer to work for other people, for example; for owners of escort agencies or massage parlours, as these offer them protection, hygiene and sector know-how, just as is the case with Felina Barcelona.

The stereotype image of the pimp in no way corresponds to the reality of our activity.

Many escorts don't want their photo taken to keep their anonymity.

Our activity entails being in contact with many men. Some are respectful, others less so. An ideal client is a respectful client. Our feelings regarding men are influenced by our activity and our experiences in life. We do not detest men. However, we can sometimes detest their attitudes and behaviour.

Some of them do and some do not. It depends on the girls, and the feeling they have with the customer.

You already know: there are various types of STD, and they are very widespread and can be easily transmitted during oral, vaginal and anal sex without protection. You must, therefore, be very interested in wanting to protect yourself! To do so, the use of a condom is primordial.

The website photos are taken by us. We add, delete or modify every escort's file daily. The photos are 100% real and with just little touches.

Sex activity is a job, an activity that generates income. The girls do this work, firstly and above all, to get money and earn a living.

The escorts at felina have to pass health tests every 3 months. The escorts are the first to demand the use of condoms to customers in order to prevent the transmission of any disease and pregnancy.