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Sadomasochism or Sado refers to deriving pleasure from the fact of being ill-treated during sex. Its antonym is masochism, which entails deriving pleasure from ill-treating oneself or the other person.

Sadomasochism used to be considered as a depraved sexual behavior in the past, but is now considered as a fetish wherein the man or the woman who dominates obtains pleasures when he/she orders and ill-treats the submissive partner, and the submissive partner derives pleasure from being dominated by the domineering partner.

The name sadism comes from Marquis de Sade, in whose works the pleasure of dominating people has been explained. On the other hand “masochism" comes from the writer Leopold Sacher Von Masoch, whose novel Venus in Furs describes a woman who relishes being ill-treated. After the modern-day novel Fifty Shades of Grey there has been a great boom in the practice of what has been come to known as Light Masochism, a lighter version wherein one only shows a domineering attitude without inflicting any real pain. It is just like another fetish to get turned on.

Although many people confuse sadomasochism with BDSM, they are completely different practices. The differences have been mentioned below.

BDSM stands for: Bondage, Discipline and Sadomasochism. These terms deal with distinct sexual practices. Those who practice BDSM agree to sexual ill-treatment, wherein one partner is domineering and the other is submissive. These practices entail: Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism and Masochism.

Today specialized houses in BDSM practices have been set up in Barcelona, in which the domineering and the submissive partner can enjoy all kinds of special BDSM sex toys.

But if what you seek is a lighter practice such as the Erotic or Light Sadomasochism, wherein an escort ill-treats you like a nanny does, Felina Barcelona is the best option. For more information about the services we advise you to let the manager know about your needs so that she can assess as to for which sadomasochistic practices are the escorts available.

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