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Sexual or erotic fantasies are thoughts generated in the unconscious mind about sexuality, erotic dreams or elaborate stories about sexual fetishes or desires with men or women. It occurs involuntarily in our head and is generally not discussed with anybody. Some of these sexual fantasies are not practical, but most of them are, and at Felina Barcelona we help you realize it. Many of the most of the escorts available at our relax house deal with fulfilling those sexual fantasies that you secretly preserve in some corner of your mind.

The word has its origin in “phantasie", a term used by Freud for imagination. Sexual desire must be distinguished from sexual fantasy. Despite the fact that it is a fantasy, it is fulfilled at some point of time in a person's life, and is completely fictitious for the time being, whereas desire is aroused in the event of a sexual reality.

Sexual fantasies abound in unfaithful persons, although sexual fantasy does not imply infidelity, but just a fictitious sexual desire, which can be brought to reality with your partner or by seeking solutions with a sex worker.

Escorts providing Sex Fantasies

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Sex fantasies at Felina BCN

If you wish to fulfill your fantasies, whether you are a man, a woman or a couple, visit us and explain us what is going on in your mind. The escort that you may choose can certainly make it a reality.

Some of the most common sexual fantasies among men are:

  • Striptease
  • Group sex with unknown persons
  • Role-play with girls dressed as schoolgirls, nurses or secretaries
  • Making love with two women: duplex or lesbian service
  • Sexy lingerie
  • Be dominated or dominate a submissive girl

Some of the most common sexual fantasies among women are:

  • Doing the forbidden activities with a stranger
  • Making love with two men
  • Having sex with another woman
  • Having a sex-friend or a friend with benefits
  • Be dominated by a handsome gentleman or dominate a man

At Felina Barcelona, your erotic fantasies are made a reality in the most luxurious and discreet environment of Barcelona. Call us and unleash your fantasies with a beautiful escort.

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