Quarantine without escorts: survival tips

Quarantine without escorts: survival tips

The quarantine decreed by the state of alarm looks long and boring, we know, but come on, we do not want you to be discouraged. Whether alone or accompanied, sex will always be a way of relaxation and an escape from our routine that may now be a little altered.

Although at the moment you can not come to Felina to enjoy a magical sexual encounter with an escort, we will give you the best tips for you to enjoy the sexual pleasure that you can have from home.

So make yourself comfortable, enjoy a good erotic playlist that we offer you while reading our tips and, for what you want most, #StayAtHome.

Fetishes to experience as a couple

If you have the privilege (or the misfortune) of spending this quarantine with your partner, it is a good time to give a twist to the monotony in their sexuality.

How about trying to spread food or drinks on your body while having sex? This fetish is known as " sploshing " and it is a unique sensory experience.

Generally elements such as liquid chocolate, chantilly cream, ice cream, fruit, honey, wine, milk or whatever you can think of are used. As long as it is not a citrus or spicy food that can irritate the skin.

Sex and food are two great pleasures, so find a place where you can do it freely, without worrying about getting it dirty and increase your libido and that of your partner through smells and flavors.

Sploshing also encourages erotic massage for your partner, know which are the most common erogenous zones between men and women so that satisfaction is effective.

On the other hand, costumes are a very good element to recreate a scene and feel like the protagonist of a porn movie. Check your closet, surely you will have something to improvise a costume, be it a teacher-student, boss-employee, boss-servant, doctor-patient or the fantasy you have always had.

For many, sexual fetishes are something that is created little by little, so we recommend having patience on everything and who knows if one day you will convince your partner to practice a threesome with an escort in Felina Barcelona.

Whatever it is that you are going to do, never forget the preliminaries, as they will always increase desire and enhance libido to multiply the pleasure that both of you will feel later. If you don't know where to start, here are some erotic games that serve as preliminaries.

Remote relationship during quarantine

If you are one of those who are spending the period of confinement away from their partner, it is time to get the most out of technology, and that is what would be of our sex life in this quarantine without cybersex.

Give your partner a video call erotic, it is something simple and straightforward, but very exciting. Ask her to put on sexy clothes or lingerie and dance while she takes it off slowly for you. The rest...we leave it to your creativity.

Another important thing is that online shopping still works. How about you surprise your partner by giving them a wireless vibrator? Of those who can control the intensity at a distance and with whom they can also do a sexual show on webcam and still be the owner of their fever.

Alone, but not in bad company

Going through quarantine alone may not be so bad, after all, to enjoy sex with someone else, we must know our body well and know what we like.

Therefore, we will tell you something that many do not know, and that is that using a vibrator on the testicles and perineum can be one of the most pleasant things you have ever tried. You can use your imagination while you do it or fantasize while looking at photos of the beautiful escorts in Barcelona who collaborate with Felina.

On the other hand, if you are a movie lover, we have found some movies full of eroticism to satisfy any taste. You can watch them from your TV and enjoy an erotic night on the big screen.

  • Nine songs

  • Exotica

  • The Dreamers

  • The Handmaiden

  • Tokyo Decandence

We hope that our advice will help you to remain calm, even if it is for a few days, as there is less and less to come to Felina Barcelona and enjoy an unbeatable sexual encounter with an escort.