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Best songs for having sex

Do you like to have background music during you sex session? Do you have any favorite song for having sex? In today’s post we will familiarize you with a varied set of the best songs for having sex. Do you dare to listen to them?

Ear is one of man’s sharpest senses. Through the ears we can perceive danger, environmental changes, a guitar’s chords and, of course, the moaning. That is why music becomes an element that is capable of making us sad, happy or aroused depending on its theme.

There are songs devised to contribute to a state of euphoria, while there are others designed to push us into melancholy or directly into a moment of passionate sex. They are the most sensual and sexiest songs of the musical panorama, though not always the latest ones. Throughout the history of music, there have been many artists who have dared to come up with such scores, which include Madonna, the Frenchman Serge Gainsbourg or none other than Barry White, among others.

The best songs for having sex

There are countless English, Spanish and French songs that are ideal for having a sexual rendezvous. So, we are providing you with a small list of the most popular ones in this genre that you can enjoy in Felina Barcelona’s piped music.

Justify My Love – Madonna

If something has characterized Madonna since the start of her career, it has been her sensuality. And since it couldn’t have been otherwise, the first song we want to highlight to delve you into a moment of unbridled sex is Justify My Love, a song of the 90s that captivated the public with its sensual rhythms and provocative lyrics.

Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Baby – Barry White

In the second spot we have the unmistakable voice of Barry White. His deep voice, whispers into the microphone and the chords reminiscent of the 70s have made this song a genuine relic to start a sex session with.

Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers

We all remember the movie that shot Righteous Brothers’ song, Unchained Melody, to stardom. The popular scene played by Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore has gone down in history as the most sensual and romantic song of the 90s, and the accompanying soundtrack couldn’t have been missing in this list. That said, it is only suitable for the most romantic people.

Je T’aime – Serge Gainsbourg

And from the most romantic soundtrack to one of the sexiest songs ever. Serge Gainsbourg took charge of making this track the ideal track for a moment of pleasure, and he wasn’t lacking in anything. The chords, his tone and, especially, the moans accompanying the song make it the most common piece of music for such occasions.

Black Velvet – Alannah Myles

And finally, an even bolder song, which is ideal for starting with a striptease or a juicy erotic dance that heats up the atmosphere. Its creator is Alannah Myles, one of the most recognized voices of the Canadian rock music of the 80s, though, curiously, just because of this song, and it is weird to say it that she appears in the list of artists who managed just one hit in their career.

And how about you? Which song would you like to accompany you during your sex session? If you want to delight yourself with these and other songs while you relish the best company, don’t have any doubts. Call us on +34 630 333 111 or send us an email at info@felinabcn.com or get in touch with us through our contact form and book a date with an escort in Barcelona.

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