The erogenous zones that men and women share

The erogenous zones that men and women share

Sex is something that most everyone likes to a greater or lesser extent, but not everyone needs it to survive. That said, sex is natural and something that should be enjoyable and mutually pleasurable for both (or more) people. And that’s something that Felina Barcelona knows all about. 

There are many ways to enhance arousal when getting intimate with someone, tips for good sex that are guaranteed to increase pleasure. All too often people forget to simply give soft caresses in those hotspots that both men and women enjoy…keep reading to brush up on some of the favorite erogenous zones that men and women share.

There are many things that set men and women apart, but when it comes to erogenous zones, there are some spots that both sexes enjoy to ignite and unleash that wild pleasure that happens during amazing, mutually pleasurable sex.

Want to know the hotspots on her body – and yours? The girls who collaborate with Felina Barcelona are experts in knowing just where to touch you to drive you wild from head to toe.

The erogenous zones

It’s no big secret that the most sensitive erogenous zones for men are the anus and the genitals - for women it’s an often hard-to-find area in the vagina. But that doesn’t mean that men and women have completely different hotspots. There are also some shared erogenous zones that can help you turn up the heat during your evening with an escort in Barcelona, mutually creating an amazing session filled with seduction, eroticism and sexuality. These are the sensitive spots we’re talking about:

  • A massage on the scalp feels amazing and is a good way to kick off a satisfying sexual experience.
  • Lips are sensitive and can be kissed, licked, touched, sucked, and bitten, lips on lips and a dose of imagination can get the pulse racing.
  • The ears are a major erogenous zone because they’re one of the body parts most sensitive to touch and contact, particularly the lobe and the back of the ear.
  • The chest, while generally considered a more sensitive area for women, is no less sensitive for men. Packed with nerve endings, it’s one of the body’s most erogenous zones and can provide a range of pleasurable sensations.
  • The arms are another area that deserves more attention then they get, but exploring them with the tongue or erotic toys can create explosions of excitement.
  • The back is another zone that can take things from foreplay to hard sex. Incorporating things like whipped cream and chocolate are ways to up the passion and drive your partner wild. 

How to enjoy the erogenous zones

These are some of the main erogenous zones that men and women share, but any good sexual experience means knowing the hotspots that are particular to each sex. Mastering the art of stimulating all these different areas is a great way to get maximum enjoyment from your erotic experience with a luxury escort in Barcelona.

Want to know more?

Let your tongue do the exploring during oral sex, teasing and playing with the vulva, clitoris and labia and stimulating the most sensitive yet hidden part of the vagina, the G-spot.

For men, oral sex that includes stimulating the anus, testicles and the part of the penis close to the prostate can be explosively stimulating. A high-class escort in Barcelona can ensure you enjoy an amazing bareback or tantric blowjob.

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