An erotic Saint George´s day in Barcelona

erotic Sant Jordi in Barcelona

Today is an special day, Saint George´s day, is the valentine´s day in Catalonia. A day to remenber a beautiful legend about a knight, a dragon and a princess; a story of courage, bravery and romance… But probably, this day be a perfect excuse to enjoy of a special evening with the best company without care if we found the love or not. And, what better place if you still are looking for your princess, that in Felina Barcelona? An special, private and neat place; where beautiful ladies expect to fulfill your fantasies and satisfy your desires.

Join pretty princesses who expect their mysterious knight arrives from the battle and bring a rose, beginning an evening of unforgettable passion. An evening where the important is not love, but rather sexuality. Live our passions without fear of being judged, share the pleasure surrounded by luxury and comfort, a place where every detail is designed to offer you the best, in good company. For this reason from Felina Barcelona we want to offer more than princesses, we want to offer you real girls that deserve more than roses.

Perhaps it is time to spend a Saint George´s day full of eroticism and lust without regard love and giving answer to our purest instincts. Contact us and gives free rein to your own adventure…