Analingus: everything you need to know

Analingus practice at Felina

Have you ever felt a little pleasure while touching your partner’s anus during your sexual relations? There are many clients who come to Felina Barcelona and ask the escorts working with us in Barcelona to provide them with an analingus.

Do you know what we mean with the anilingus? Well, anilingus, the rim job, or its most prevalent name, the analingus, is a practice that may seem somewhat weird and unhygienic to some people, while others may love the pleasure it gives.

The anilingus is concerned with the stimulation of the anal area with the tongue or lips, both by the client for the escort or vice versa. In most of the cases, analingus is the step before anal sex, since stimulation may cause the pressure and passion to go up with the tongue or kisses on the perineum and its warm temperature may drive each other crazy.

Have you never tried to have your girlfriend or some partner turn to your back side with their wettest body part? We encourage you to give it a shot at Felina, for you will really love it so much so that you won’t be able to stop and will want to do it over and over again.

The ideal positions for practicing the analingus

The easiest and most common positions to practice this sort of oral sex is on all fours and in 69, since in these positions the client can kiss the escort’s anus and/or vice versa with greater comfort and pleasure.

The escorts at our whorehouse in Barcelona follow a series of requisites to ensure both the client and escort’s health and hygiene.

Analingus: everything you need to know

First of all, both of them are required to have great anal hygiene using water, while always avoiding the use of soap to not end up irritating the mucus in the anal area. In addition, it is recommended to shave the anus for greater pleasure, hygiene and cleanliness.

At the start of the session, the escort usually arouses the client’s genitals with her mouth or hands, thereby causing an erection and stimulation prior to the analingus. That can make the client relax and set him up for greater enjoyment.

After that, both of them will go to the bathroom, where they will have a relaxing and erotic shower to ensure the health and hygiene of both of them. The client or escort will then, on demand (since not all the escorts provide the analingus), start to arouse the perianal part with caresses and kisses using the lips or tongue, thus causing great arousal and desire.

The clients usually expressly ask for such services, since not all the escorts offer it, though they are willing to receive it. That is where the great difference in demand between the analingus and other services sets in.

Apart from this special kind of kiss, there is the snowball kiss. What does it mean? This practice is another sexual service and is related to oral sex. In it the escort performs a Cum in Mouth (CIM) for the client and passes it on to his mouth.

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