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Russian sluts in Barcelona

Blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, petite body, 1’70… how hard it is to not wish for a Russian whore! And the thing is that these women are characterized by being not just extremely beautiful, but also very horny and exciting. Which man would not like to enjoy the company of a Russian escort in Barcelona? You can now get to know them during your visit to Felina Barcelona!

Russian escorts are the most desired women among Felina’s clients. The beauty that is pervaded by the thought of the women of this nationality is well supported: they are magazine models. They have slim bodies, are usually very tall, have long legs and the softest and palest skin. They are perfect partners for those men who are looking for absolute beauty as far as looks are concerned.

Moreover, the escorts from this country have an unparalleled sexual fame: Mediterranean men, though these ladies may often be considered as somewhat cold (though this is not the case with the Russian escorts working at Felina BCN), they tend to be compared to porn actresses. This cultural aspect that clashes with the Latin nature makes them sex goddesses of the wildest and less passionate sex, making them resemble real porn actresses because of their behavior during a sex session.


However, the topics do not always have to be typical. Not all Russian women will behave in the same way that their bodies do not reflect the Nordic traits. Why don’t you come over to our brothel and find it out for yourself? We are waiting for you!

Why choose Russian escorts in Barcelona?

If you are one of those who get aroused on seeing a woman with the measures befitting a woman doing ramp walk in Victoria Street, we assure you that the Russian escorts in Barcelona are the ideal option for you for having the most enjoyable time. And the fact is that, besides being extremely beautiful, they have enviable talent and manners.

We recommend you the company of a Russian woman due to many factors:

  • We have already said it, but want to stress it: they are extremely beautiful woman, with measures and figure that can leave you astonished.
  • They have exquisite manners: if you choose them as a partner for an event or dinner, you can feel sure that they are the perfect option. They have a high cultural sense and can relate to all kinds of people in public.
  • They are masters of the wildest sex in bed: although we must not generalize, but Russian women do have an unparalleled fame, since their attitude is considered as that of a porn actress.

The Russian escorts you will get to know at Felina aren’t just very pretty women, but also happen to be horny and passionate ladies who will know how to take you to the seventh heaven depending on your sexual tastes.

Felina’s Russian escorts


Lidia is a Russian escort in Barcelona who will leave you speechless as soon as you see her. With an extreme beauty, which, however, is not in sync with the general features of a Russian woman, she also has a stunning physique. Lidia has a petite body, a pert ass and breasts that will be a delight for you.

She is the perfect partner for a party or event, and also the ideal partner for practicing a threesome or duplex, or a game with your partner.


Lika, just as the other clients who have known her have said, “Besides being beautiful, she knows how to treat the customer and she does it well. If you like Russians, don’t think much and go for Lika. She isn’t cold. She is rather nice and friendly.”

Lika, for her part, does have features that come to your mind when you think of a Russian woman: blonde and statuesque body; she is the ideal option if you wish to get lost in the hips of woman hailing from the cold country.

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Russian escorts in Barcelona