Are you looking for submissive partners in Barcelona?

Submissive partners in Barcelona

Are you looking for out-of-the-box sexual emotions? The escorts working at our brothel in Barcelona offer the chance to discover one of the least explored parts of sex: submission. Although commonly practiced by both escorts and customers, it is one of the services that arouse the highest curiosity. Come over to know us and we will tell you everything in detail!

Submission is the acceptance of a person as one’s master, owner or lord. The latter may engage in any sort of humiliation or punishment of his/her submissive partner, but you may wonder: why?

Many of our clients like to play the role of a dominant partner in sex due to which the escort girls working at our brothel take the role of slaves during the intimate and private relations, and the fact is that they are some of the best submissive partners in Barcelona.

Not everybody can understand such sexual practices and that is because it is a rediscovery in sex with alternatives that are totally different from any traditional position. However, you ought to know that it is very important for the mind and body. Do you want to know some more? Keep reading if you are curious!

What is submission and how is it practiced at Felina BCN?

As we all know, the very well-known Mr. Grey, Christian Grey, is an admirer of such erotic games and practices, and there is no greater temptation than becoming playful with a sexual role and satisfying all of one’s sexual fantasies… you know what? We love it!

As we have said previously, submission is the activity in which a person gets a deep sexual pleasure when he/she is humiliated and punished, like a slave being treated by his/her master/mistress and the dominant partner in their sexual relations.

At Felina BCN we like to fulfill the desires and tastes of all our customers, and submission of the girls working at our brothel couldn’t have been any less important. Beware! We look at submission as a sadomasochist sexual practice.

The submission service we have on offer refers to a sexual practice based on punishment and submission, redundantly, of the escort by the client exercising erotic and sexual domination.

The submissive partner enjoys and feels an extreme pleasure by being spanked or whipped and given domineering orders. However, the role of a submissive partner in Barcelona must include certain rules to respect the integrity and well-being of both persons.

How is submission practiced?

There are many positions that we may have practiced during our relations and are highly arousing for a submissive or domineering partner.

Almost all those positions are practiced at Felina BCN, like the doggy style or just kneeling down with your head bowed. They may seem unpleasant positions at first, but we assure you that they can arouse more than one of the Felina girls.

However, not all of them are willing to engage in such roleplay, but rather provide it with the erotic sado. If you feel like trying out new sexual sensations or are caught up in a sexual monotony (whether with your partner or in your bachelorhood) and do not want attachments, bad thoughts or negative impressions, all you have to do is get in touch with us and we will help you have the best submissive and sadomasochist fling.

Do you dare to experience new sexual flings? Call us on +34 630 333 111 or send us an email to or fill up our contact form. If you prefer to come over and personally know the escorts working at Felina Barcelona, you can check out the ones available in real time here.