Has Barcelona become the city of sex?

Luxury prostitute in Barcelona

Has Barcelona become the city of sex? Do tourists come to go whoring in Barcelona? Sexual demand has certainly gone up considerably in Barcelona and there are sex services for all tastes and budgets. Keep reading, for we are telling it all!

Going out with whores in Barcelona has become a lot more common than what we thought, not just among the local clients, but also among the tourists, many of whom are French, British or visitors from Northern Europe who do not hesitate to travel across the city and end up at one of our many clubs or brothels which you can find in Barcelona. These tourists are attracted by a legal activity, and the low rates of sex services that they can find in Barcelona.

Picking up hookers in Barcelona can be divided into two groups. The first group includes the low-middle-level prostitution, which has rates between €60 and €100, and a second higher-level group, wherein the rates vary from €130 to €160 for the most basic services. You can meet all types of girls providing all types of services, which is why sex is not letting anyone down in the new city of sex.

Despite police reinforcements, social and neighborhood pressure in some areas declared as sexual hot spots, prostitution in Barcelona’s streets continues to register its presence. Such practices tarnish the image of this well-known ancient profession for thousands of people in our country, and bring disrepute to the businesses which do follow the laws governing the sector.

Barcelona has brothels and adult services for all kinds of customers, and diversity is served. Fetishes, transsexual or transvestite services, gay dates, erotic massages with happy ending, lesbian shows, and any other sexual rendezvous you can think of –all of which are increasingly demanded– you will find them in Barcelona. The possibilities are endless and so are the customers.

The businessmen of the industry do not want to let the chance of letting themselves be known slip away, and they offer all the information through websites, most of which are elegant and discreet. Choosing the sexual rendezvous you wish to have is “in the menu”. You can find forums, tips and scores about the best services and the best professionals, based on current and real experiences. You can also find exclusively adult apps, which help you to know what to find, and, most importantly, where to find it.

Has Barcelona become the city of sex?

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