Company dinners and sex in Barcelona

Escorts for company dinners

The company dinners in Christmas days have become a classic every year. Organized to bring together all the employees and have a nice night before the Christmas party, these dinners also conceal a lot more exciting side than one can imagine.

According to an interesting research in the United Kingdom, 39% of the people interviewed have had a sexual fling with a colleague at the company dinner. The reason, according to these respondents, is that the festive atmosphere and alcohol enhance the sexual tension that has accumulated during a year of occasional meetings in the coffee machine.

The survey also reveals the most used places for such flings. The first preference is the parking lot (25%), followed by the boardroom (21%), the warehouse (18%) and the boss’ office (16%).

Another interesting aspect is that there are differences as well depending on the level. According to the survey, managers (65%) reported to have had a sexual rendezvous during company dinners. In contrast, only 26% of the lower-level employees have had a sexual relationship during a company dinner.

The survey, nonetheless, does not talk about a very important subject: the possible problems of scoring with a colleague. One has to consider the company policy before anything else. Some companies (32%) forbid inter-colleague relations, due to which a fling may simply cost you your job.

On the other hand, some aspects like monotony, routine, lack of personal space, rumors and gossips, and the zeal if one of the two is rewarded for his/her work must be borne in mind.

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Escorts for dinners in Barcelona

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