Dates for sex in Barcelona

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Barcelona is one of the cities providing the highest variety of paid sex in the country: street prostitution, prostitute agencies, illegal paid sex apartments, hostess bars, or glamorous brothels of escorts of high standing such as Felina Barcelona.

A few years ago a fight against street prostitution was started due to an article published in El País wherein the customers’ photos were shown, most of whom were foreigners having sex with escorts at some of the most emblematic places of Barcelona like las Ramblas and the Boqueria Market.

We, at Felina Barcelona, want to distance ourselves from unhygienic and illegal sex. It is for this reason that we are one of the few brothels with an administrative license to engage in prostitution and have a strict health control.

So, if you seek dates for sex in Barcelona, we recommend you to be led by expert hands and place your bets on an inconspicuous, hygienic and legal place. We would also like to remind you that going for sex services with street hookers can lead the customer to a fine of 3000 euros.

Dates for sex in Barcelona. Where to go?

In Barcelona you can come across many alternatives to fulfill your sexual fantasies. In general, they can be divided into 4 categories:

Massage centers, the city is full of such centers but it is necessary to make a distinction. The most professional massage centers do not provide sex but rather erotic massages with manual ending as a lingam or yoni massage. Gorgeous professional masseuses, who know how to satiate you simply by the touch of their hands and bodies, will welcome you at these centers. For example as Felina Massage..

Escorthouses, just like the massage centers, escorthouses also have a lot on offer and they exist for all kinds of tastes. In general, they are places with a bar where the customers can have a drink while scantily-clad mistress approach them to convince the customer to invite them for a drink or a sexual relationship in a small room having a bed and a shower.

Peep show and stripper club are the most demanded places for bachelor parties or for having a good time with your friends, though they will, in no case, satiate your needs for dates for sex in Barcelona.

Brothels are the best option if you seek a date for sex with escorts of high standing at an inconspicuous place. This is the case with Felina Barcelona, a place where the client may choose from among 30 different escorts daily, and have hygienic and inconspicuous sex in a luxurious room having everything needed to make his sexual fantasies come true.

Why choose Barcelona for your sexual flings?

Barcelona is a city that guarantees different events and various activities throughout the year from a historical, cultural and entertainment point of view. It is for this reason that Barcelona is one of the most well-known and visited cities in the world. Choosing this amazing city to enjoy paid sexual flings in Barcelona is a wonderful option that will enable you to enjoy a weekend or as much time as you want with the best sexual partners.