Do you want to enjoy the erotic sado at Felina BCN?

Erotic sado in Barcelona

You must have surely heard of Mr. Christian Grey and his peculiar sexual tastes. Well, it is an open secret that he likes the Sado and fetishes and no wonder… We admit that this type of practice is not entirely common or usual among our customers, but many of them like the Felina BCN luxury escorts to provide this sort of service.

The sado or sadism is a type of sexual practice based on being ill-treated in your most intimate relations, thereby turning on both the submissive and domineering partner. This practice is known as a fetishist sexual conduct wherein pleasure is obtained when one orders and mistreats the submissive partner. The submissive partner gets pleasure from the feeling of being dominated.

Have you never been turned on by a quarrel with your partner or ex? Do you like to be punished or obey her? Or are you one of those who like to punish? If yes, pay attention. Keep reading and… don’t even miss a comma!

But what is the sado?

Sadism has its origins in the name of Marquis de Sade, in whose works the pleasure derived from the greatest sexual domination of people has been explained. It is very common to confuse the sado with masochism, its antonym, since it is based on submission.

At Felina BCN, we give free rein to our imagination and limitlessly try and satisfy all the sado desires of our clients. Some of the escorts working at the brothel Felina are specialized in providing the greatest pleasure through this service.

It is also often confused with BDSM. However, they are totally different concepts, since sado deals with a type of sexual behavior, whereas BDSM stands for Bondage, Discipline, Submission and Masochism.


What happens at Felina BCN?

The Erotic Sado, or also known as light sado, service is provided at our whorehouse, Felina BCN. Practices or patterns concerning extreme sadism are not followed therein. This service is based on the role of the escort as a sado mistress who punishes the customer and sexually mistreats him to infuse pleasure into him. Any type of sex toy, besides erotic entertainment, can be used in this very service.

Through this post we want to show that if you are a submissive partner and wish for one of our escorts to be your domineering partner, or if you are the dominating partner in the practice, Felina Barcelona is the right place for you.

However, do not forget to follow all the aforesaid rules for not taking any chances.

Don’t be shy and come over to Felina BCN! We can assure you of utmost discretion and pleasure with complete and orgasmic satisfaction from the sex services on offer at our brothel.

If you have liked what we explained to you and want to have a new and different sexual experience, all you have to do is get in touch with Felina Barcelona.

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