Erotic costumes at Felina BCN

Discover Felina BCN’s erotic costumes

The erotic costumes are one of the preferred fetishes of the clients who drop by at Felina BCN. The escorts working at our whorehouse in Barcelona love this practice: it is the most effective way of making the customers feel comfortable. They feel like a different person and fully unleash their libido in the company of these amazing escort girls.

Have you ever had a fantasy featuring an erotic costume? You surely have! We’ll put you in a situation: you are alone in the classroom, being punished by a sexy professor… and the only way to get out of there is a passionate sex session with her. Or, even a visit to the doctor. You know a nurse, and the passion drives the two of you to hide in a room where you can give free rein to your imagination. The erotic costumes are the common axis around which these fantasies revolve!

And the truth is that these dresses don’t just make us believe that we are another person, playing a character, but also that we are stimulating our sexual desires. Many of them are taken from the imaginary of x-rated movies: sensual nurses, wicked policewomen with handcuffs, schoolgirls or beautiful cleaning ladies. The escorts working at Felina Barcelona can recreate these characters with you so that you have the most memorable time that is, especially, different from your routine.

Erotic costumes at Felina BCN

At Felina BCN, you can fulfill the most hidden desires you may have about erotic costumes. The girls can dress up for you the way you want them to, though they know that they won’t be putting on the costume for long. Let your imagination fly with the ladies at Felina!

Imagining them must surely be making your mouth water. And no wonder! These women are the epitome of femininity, and even more of sexuality: most of them have incredible curves, fleshy lips, stunning boobs and asses. What are you waiting for to call us and enjoy the most original time at our bordello?


The best erotic costumes at Felina BCN

The escorts’ best erotic costumes that you may request during your stay at Felina Barcelona make most of men’s sexual fantasies come true. The nurses with the sexiest dresses, female professors who incite downfall, cleaning women with huge sex appeal, or the highly demanded evil policewomen do not go unnoticed by us.

Do you know with what you can combine these services that Felina has on offer for you while you enjoy the company of an amazing woman? We have some tips for you!


Orgies are one of the highest expressions of sexuality and one of the most sought fantasies by men and women alike. What better way of practicing it than by blending it with some more perversion? One of the best ways of doing so is by using erotic costumes: a dance of masks, sensuality and transgression that is hard to surpass.

Escort for couples

The escorts for couples are one of the most common practices to rekindle the flame with a partner with whom a routine has already been established. Why not go beyond and break away from such habits by using an erotic costume? Whether it is the escort or your partner, they will be able to play a character with which the temperature of your room will exceed unforeseen limits.

Anal sex

Anal sex is one of the clients’ preferred sex services at Felina. To perform it, it is possible to combine it with the naughtiest scenario… a schoolgirl who has misbehaved? A cleaning lady who hasn’t completed her work? We leave it to you!

Do you want to embark on this adventure? Call us on +34 630 333 111 or send us an email to or get in touch with us through our contact form. If you prefer to come and personally know the escorts working at Felina in Barcelona, you can check out the ones who are available in real time here.