Erotic games with escorts in Barcelona

Erotic games with escorts in Barcelona

Sex is one of the best sports you can practice, and what better company to do it in than that of the escorts working at Felina in Barcelona? If you want to innovate in sexual practices like exploring new roles or erotic fantasies, we advise you to drop by at Felina and enjoy one of our best services: the erotic games.

The erotic games give life to the flavor of sex. It is that pinch of adventure or the eagerness to play “pranks” that makes a sex session something fun and even more exciting. The hookers at Felina Barcelona have a great imagination and will make you discover the wittiest games you can think of.

You can also propose them the game or action that you like the most. If they feel comfortable and agree with you, they will make you discover new feelings: their beautiful, smooth and slim bodies will take you to another dimension.

Would you like to know what kind of erotic games you can practice if you come over to our brothel? Keep reading!

Types of erotic games at Felina

If you are tired of the monotony of always engaging in the same positions and feel like giving wings to your imagination, the Felina escorts will help you to discover and make your sexual fantasies and fetishes come true.

By calling our whorehouse in Barcelona, you can inquire about the whores engaging in such practices so as to let your imagination fly before coming over to know us. Here are some tips for you that will make your mouth water:

Roleplay games

Because men have no other fantasy but to be pretend to be someone else, to act as if it were a game in which we were another character. Talk about it with the slut, tell her what you would like to be and how can go about the situation.

Imagine that she is your school teacher who wants to punish you, or the sexiest nurse who has come to the treatment room… there are no limits to the imagination! In these cases, you can also ask for the erotic costumes’ service.

Sexual fantasies

Fantasies, besides being exciting and transgressive, are also known for being an excellent erotic game. You can fulfill all those fantasies you have always wanted to after agreeing on them with the hookers working at Felina.

Imagine witnessing a lesbian sex session between two escorts, having a threesome, being part of an orgy… what more can you think of?

Erotic games

What would the games be like without erotic toys? The same can be said about having sex! You can use handcuffs, harnesses or vibrators. You just have to decide which one to begin with.

How about you? Which erotic game do you prefer? Call us on +34 630 333 111 or send us an email at or use our contact form. If you prefer to come and personally know the escorts working at Felina Barcelona, you can check out the escorts available in real time here.