Erotic Show Barcelona 2017

SEB 2017

Barcelona shows us its sexiest side with the Erotic Show 2017 from October 5 to 8. Are you ready? The Vall de’Hebron Pavilion will once again be the venue for the Erotic Show in Barcelona. This edition, like its predecessors, will be full of surprises and will be having a very varied schedule. We are going to tell you everything about Barcelona’s Erotic Show in today’s post.

SEB 2017

For another year, the most important event in Europe's adult entertainment industry shall take place in Barcelona. For the Salon's 4-day duration, the SEB 2017 shall boast of the presence of some of the most prominent names in the national and international industry.

The Barcelona Erotic Salon celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2017. To commemorate the 25 years, a few months ago the SEB organized for the attendees to vote their favorite poster from the previous editions and use the same in Barcelona's 2017 Erotic Salon. The poster that was finally chosen was of the year 2014.

Just like the previous years, the official spot of the 2017 Erotic Salon in Barcelona was published a few days ago. As was the case with the "Patria" spot, the "Normal" spot for this edition has also sparked many controversies. This year the SEB wants to claim the basic values of freedom and respect.

Schedule of the Erotic Show in Barcelona

Like every year, the schedule of the SEB 2017 promises to be quite varied. The attendees will come across a whole gamut of proposals including shops with items from the latest sex toys, handicrafts and aphrodisiacs to body paint, striptease and pole dance competitions, lingerie parade shows or erotic massages.

But that’s not all. The Erotic Show in Barcelona will be having 17 stages on which more than 200 artists will perform almost 2000 plays live. In the “Alternative Sex Art”, a dozen artists will put their innovative works on erotic art on show.

Without any doubt, one of the high points of the SEB 2017 is the Show Hall. Like in the previous editions, this space will help us to explore the possibilities offered to us by eroticism and sexuality through conferences, workshops, classes and discussions.

SEB 2017 is a must for all those who want to enjoy their sexuality without any taboos.

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Trying out new sex toys, different Kamasutra positions or some sexual practice that you hadn’t hitherto experienced. SEB 2017 is the perfect moment for daring to do everything you have never tried.

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