General premises for an escort

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When a woman or a girl decides to professionally devote herself to the prostitution industry and become an escort, it is very important for her to be well-informed about the risks and bear in mind some common practices prevalent among the experienced escorts of the industry. Not using precaution in certain practices and not setting limits can entail health risks for both you and the customer. At felina Barcelona we would like to convey some general recommendations to all escorts or partner girls who decide to work in this industry, and which we always pass on to the escorts working at our whorehouse.

When we talk of risks for an escort in sexual practice, we are talking of not bearing in mind certain general premises, which makes a date a risky practice. In this case, there is the risk of transmission of disease or infection. There is always a risk that all of us assume – even those who aren’t professional escorts. However, the question is what risks we choose to take into account and how do we assess them. This means that one must have information about what are the most “dangerous” practices, the risks they entail and how to mitigate them to the very least. Below we have some general premises for you:

  • Client’s hygiene: Before consummating an agreed sexual relationship, the client usually has a bath. Sometimes a bidet is used, though the ideal thing is to always have a complete shower. Although washing will not prevent diseases, it improves the hygiene and enables the evaluation and detection of the possible symptoms of a disease. However, remember that not seeing something does not mean that it isn’t there… So, remember that all the flings at felina Barcelona include an erotic shower at the basic rate. In this way, besides a moment of intimacy, it can be a good place to break the ice and know each other better.
  • Service limits: Before starting, you must know the sexual practices you can comfortably engage in. Providing services you are not sure you can engage in worsens the service and can lead to a bad experience. You must feel comfortable and sure about what you have on offer.
  • Respect by the client: One has to respect and be respected. It is very important that the treatment is clear and discreet by both the parties before a service. Do not let them convince you to do something you don’t want to, be rude to you or compare you with your other colleagues. The already agreed upon service must not be renegotiated either. The price, time and sex services to be offered are agreed upon. It is not a market for haggling.
  • Safety: Follow your safety instructions at all times. Not all customers are violent. On the contrary, most of the time everything happens without any type of conflict. However, one must be aware of what can happen at times, how you manage your safety largely depends on the place where you want to exercise it, though there are still some general recommendations as to how to be aware of what the customer does. Always carry a phone with you, don’t carry precious items, someone must also know where you are in case you provide outcalls, etc.
  • Work tools: Condoms, creams or lubricants, sex toys, lingerie are your work tools. It is very important for you to know them and be aware of how to use them properly. For example, it is essential to change the condom between different practices.

These are some of the general premises that all escorts must consider before any service. If you are new, ask your colleagues. They can give you a lot of valuable advices. With time and experience you will see that there are a lot of subtleties and that each service can be totally different, just the way every person is different. In our next post we will delve deeper into all types of sexual practices that you can provide as an escort, increasing the general recommendations to avoid the risks in your practice.