Home outcall experience with an escort

Escort to come home

It was a cold and dark night, and after a day of extremely stressful work, I did not feel like going out. I still felt surrounded by loneliness. I felt the need of having a woman by my side getting stronger every minute… I thought, hesitated and recalled those beautiful ladies at Felina Barcelona, for I wanted to inquire about the home outcall service. I made up my mind and picked up the phone, called and a nice and gentle voice answered me. It was the receptionist. I asked her about the home outcall service, the girls who provided it, and although she hadn’t yet stopped explaining about it, my mind was already made up. I will spend this night with one of those Felina girls.

I obviously did not say anything to her and waited for her to finish explaining. Booking a home outcall date turned out to be very easy. After choosing the girl with whom one wants to spend the night, assuming that she is available, the receptionist will seek some information from you: name, landline number, address, time and duration of the date. The landline number is needed, as I was told, to ensure that it is not a prank and for the safety of the escort. After making the booking, they call you on the landline number before the date to verify and it is only after that the booking can be considered as confirmed.

After having explained the entire process of booking a home outcall, the receptionist asked me about which escort would I like to book. I explained her that I like brunette girls who aren’t very tall and are voluptuous… with preferably brown eyes. I don’t care about the skin color. She provided me with a list of girls matching the description I had given, I took the computer, sifted through the pics of stunning women and that’s when my eyes were glued to and hypnotized by a muse. Her name is Sara, she is 25 years old and is a Dominican woman having sinuous curves. I asked the receptionist about Sara. She confirmed to me that she is an excellent choice. I could see in her profile that she provided almost all the services and had very positive reviews. I decided that I wanted to know Sara. I asked the receptionist as to how would she be dressed up when shows up at my place, and she assured me that she would not be wearing a very flashy dress and would do nothing that would let the people know what her profession was… She assured me of full inconspicuousness.

The call ended. I waited. The phone rang in order to confirm. I answered and the booking was confirmed. I would no longer have a cold and pensive night, but rather a sweet and hot evening with a gorgeous woman.

Finally the out call escort arrived

It was the first time I made a booking for a home outcall service with an escort, and I must admit that I started to feel slightly nervous with a thousand questions popping up in my head. Will she be here on time? Won’t she attract too much attention? Will she be different? I decided not to think about those questions and just live the moment and enjoy what was to come.

It was 9:55 when I heard the doorbell ring. It was Sara… I opened the door nervously, expecting what she will be like. I was impatient while standing there on the door… I heard some steps approaching me and saw her after a while. Her smile, perfume and body… I forgot about all the doubts I had and our date started that very moment. Two unforgettable hours, two hours of fantasy, away from a cold night. An experience I often recall… that’s how I can describe my date with Sara, my escort for home outcall for a night.