How to provide the home outcall service?

escort going home with suitcase

For many men and women who choose to get in touch with an escort to fulfill their fantasies, or just to spend a pleasurable night in the company of a gorgeous woman, the most important traits are inconspicuousness and respect for privacy.

Notwithstanding the many bordellos, clubs and agencies that are there in Barcelona, there are many people who prefer not to be spotted in those places due to the fear of being seen and recognized. They prefer a more confidential date at their place. It is for these reasons that one of the most requested services is the home outcall service.

The customer contacts the brothel, agency or directly the hooker so that she could herself come over to his home. The customer, therefore, has the assurance that his/her privacy will be safeguarded.

How to provide the home outcall service?

Despite it being possible for a customer choosing to receive an escort directly at his/her home simply for reasons concerning comfort, most of the times it is rather due to inconspicuousness that leads one to go for this kind of service.

Therefore, the first thing we advise the hookers who want to engage in the home outcall service is inconspicuousness. Do not dress up in very bright and flamboyant clothes that may be easily recognized as an escort’s dress. Kindly bear in mind that you can be dressed in very suggestive lingerie. Your femininity and sensuality are in no danger.

The second advice is caution. If you are not working in collaboration with an agency or brothel, it is important to assure yourself that the information furnished by the customer is correct. Thus, you will be able to avoid any kind of problem or complication, and thereby avoid reaching a wrong address.

With regard to this aspect, Felina is a very attentive escorthouse when it comes to acting as a guardian of the girls providing the home outcall service in Barcelona. First of all, this service is not provided if the customer does not furnish a landline number to receive a call on. Once the customer has made a booking by providing the requisite information (address, name and house number), our receptionist calls to make sure that the information provided is correct. This is the only way of being certain that the house to which the escort will be going is correct and that the information is real.

The third advice is to organize the date at the customer’s home in the most detailed way possible. When the client calls to book a date at his place with you, it is paramount for you to be as clear as possible about which services you provide and which ones you don’t. Being clear about this topic will help you avoid problems, especially when a client believes that he can do more than what has been agreed just by paying for it.

The fourth and final advice about how to provide the home outcall service is related to the travel expenses. Depending on the house’s location, these expenses can more or less heavily affect your compensation. It is very important for you to be clear about this topic as well right from the start if you want him to be the one who bears the travel expenses. We always clearly explain that the travel expenses are borne by the customer to all those customers who call Felina.

In short, the home outcall service in Barcelona is certainly one of the most requested services by those men and women who contact an escort. It is still important to remember that for the date to be perfect it is necessary to take some precautions like condoms, hygiene products, sex toys or sensual clothes to change. In this way, you will not only provide a professional service but will also enable the customers to have a memorable date at their place.