Interview with three Latin escorts in Barcelona

Three Latin escorts in Barcelona

Who hasn’t been curious about the life of an escort in Barcelona? Many of you surely think about it often. What will her routine be like? Why would she have chosen to be an escort in Barcelona? What will her best experience be?

This week we have wanted to take you a little closer to the escorts working at felina Barcelona, and have managed to interview three of them between their services. Three Latin escorts with great strength and desires of having a nice time. Each one of them has a special touch that makes her unique. You won’t know which one to settle for.

Three Latin escorts bared in Barcelona

Let’s start with Michelle. Coming straight from the Dominican Republic, this brunette bombshell will turn you on when you first look at her. A very sensual and horny Latin escort with whom you will have a unique experience. You can make almost all your sexual fantasies come true with her.

Lorena is originally from Venezuela. This sensual Latin escort will turn you on with her beautiful, green eyes and appetizing, fleshy lips. In bed, you will find out that she is a passionate lover with whom you can fulfill your hottest erotic dreams.

Finally, we have Raquel, who is also from Venezuela. She is a sweet Latin escort with whom you can have a real GFE (Girlfriend Experience). With her you will relish a passionate sexual fling full of tender kisses and caresses.

How long have you been escorts for?

Michelle: Since I came to Spain, around June 2015.

Lorena: I do not remember the exact date, but I can tell you that it was in December 2014.

Raquel: Well, it seems that I am the least experienced of the three since I started in October 2015.

What led you to this profession?

Well, the truth is that like many of the escorts working at felina, we had just arrived in Spain and were looking for work. It is very tough at the beginning, especially when you try to start at a place that is not just another country, but also another continent. You embark on the search for an apartment and a job while you stay in a hotel where you keep spending the little money you have saved. It is the vicious circle: they don’t give you an apartment without any income and you don’t have a job without an apartment. Coincidentally, we all have a friend or acquaintance who told us about felina and brought us here on day one. At first you do it because you need the money, and then you stay because of the facilities. You get to know a lot of people, freely decide your working hours and vacations, it allows you to reconcile work and family life, and have a certain standard of life.

Why did you choose felina for providing your services?

Certainly because of its reputation. It is one of the most famous whorehouses in Barcelona, not just among customers, but also among escorts. Everybody wants to be a part of felina. The hygiene of the premises is looked after to the fullest and that is very important in this profession. They also have a lot other things on offer for us like security, promotion through their website, clients who are loyal to the brand because of the luxurious premises, etc.

How is a typical day?

Well, normally the three of us arrive at about 10 in the morning. Upon entering we put on some light clothes and keep our clothes in the lockers. We have a room exclusively for us with sofas for lounging, a kitchen, a dining area and make-up room. While we await the customers, we make use of the time by touching up our make-up, advising each other about make-up and chat. Shortly before lunch, a guy from a nearby store comes to sell Tupperware of freshly prepared food. We don’t always buy from him. There are days when we bring something from home or order home delivery. When a customer comes, the receptionist takes him to one of the rooms and lets us know so that we can introduce ourselves. We pass by one by one to say hello to him and in the end the customer tells the receptionist which escort he wants to date and for how long. And that’s how we spend the day until 20:00 or so.

What is the best thing about being an escort? And the worst thing?

The best thing is the pace of life that allows you to wear and the freedom to decide your working hours and days off.

The worst thing is that sometimes we have some client who thinks that he has the right to do whatever he wants with me just because he has paid and he forgets that you are a person with a right to freely decide what you want him to do with your body and what you don’t want him to do with it.

How do you prepare for a service?

It somewhat depends on the service requested by the client, if they want us to wear a costume or have any fetish.

For example, for the golden shower, one has to intimate some time in advance so as to have a full bladder. When a client asks us for this service, we start drinking a lot of water and do not go to the washroom before the service.

Other examples could be the hotel or partner service wherein we dress up according to the situation.

After the service, we take a shower, change our clothes and again put on some make-up in our room.

The best experience?

Once in a while we have all had that customer who treats you like his very girlfriend. Sweet, passionate, with whom you really make love… somebody with whom you could fall in love with.

The worst experience?

The truth is that at felina we usually do not have bad experiences because the kind of customers they have aren’t problematic ones. They are usually elegant, middle-aged men who want to have a nice time at a comfortable and inconspicuous place.

The weirdest thing they have asked for?

Once in a while there is a customer who asks for something out-of-the-box from you like, for instance, putting their fist in your anus.

Have you ever refused to engage in a service? Why?

Yes, we all have limits that we are not willing to exceed regardless of how much money they offer us. Sometimes we refuse because we do not provide the requested service or because it doesn’t seem safe to us. For example, when we are asked for an OWO and the client has some wound on the genitals, we provide the service with a condom.

Any funny anecdote?

Once we had a foreign customer who wanted to be with various Latinas. After we entered the room he asked us to teach him Caribbean dances and words in Spanish. It was very funny to see how he was trying to dance like us while speaking words in half-Spanish, half-English.

Do you have repeat customers?

Of course! There are certain customers who seek an escort with whom they can feel at ease and be themselves, a mistress with whom they can get along both in and out of bed. Once they find such a girl, they always come back.

Your specialty?

It’s strange, but it looks like that our customers agree with the same, the French blowjob. The three of us provide the deep throat service… coincidence, is it?

Any customer who has fallen asleep after the service?

Normally there are many of them who feel a little sleepy after reaching an orgasm, but that is all about it. Both they and we try and make the most of our time together.

What would you say to those who are thinking about being with an escort for the first time?

That they must give it a shot. It is something that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Sex without commitments is very exciting, especially when it takes place between strangers. Moreover, a sexual rendezvous with an experienced woman who knows what she likes and what you like is an unforgettable one. If you add all the sexual fantasies that can be fulfilled with us to all this, it is a man’s dream come true.


And the girls who want to take up this profession?

That they must also give it a try, either for having an experience or because of the conditions.

What would be the ideal customer?

The one who doesn’t feel that he is entitled to decide for us and treats us like a person.

Do you think prostitution should be legalized?

Obviously, provided that we are talking about the free will of the girl engaging in it. They must legalize it mainly for the rights and security we are deprived of.

Now that you know them a little more, why not dare to follow the interview in private with any of them? If you want to have a sex session with escorts in Barcelona, do what they did and choose felina Barcelona. You won’t regret it.