Men's fears in sex

Men's fears in sex

Men, like women, have certain fears about sex. Situations that they fear that will occur or others that they are ashamed to assume. Today we will talk about some of the most frequent fears of men in sex.


Penis size

Without a doubt, this is one of the insecurities that most men have regarding sex: the size of their penis.

This is a fear that is given by the importance that men believe women give to size. There is a part of men who are ashamed of their small size, but there is also the reverse situation, in which the member can be too big.

The truth of all is that women really also value other aspects such as preliminaries or knowing how to move well. In this sense, our Barcelona escorts will help you overcome that fear and enjoy it like never before.

Premature ejaculation

Although premature ejaculation can happen spontaneously, it is always something that men tend to keep in mind when they have sex.

It is that fear of not being able to please the other person or of being able to bring her to orgasm that creates anguish.

We must normalize when this happens and not focus the orgasm on penetration, there are thousands of ways to enjoy each other! If that barrier of fear is overcome, relationships will become much more pleasant since you will not have that worry hanging around your head.

Even so, it is important that you keep in mind that, if it starts to happen repeatedly, it is better to go to the doctor.

Ashamed of not knowing if you measure up in bed

Being afraid to know if you are good or not in bed is a matter of practice, asking what the other person likes and improving each time. There is no single formula for having sex, so experiment, let yourself be taught and enjoy.

Don't be afraid to try new poses, either. Stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring new sensations can be very rewarding.


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