Most exciting sexual positions to try with escorts

Sexual positions to try with a luxury escort

There are many reasons to date a luxury escort: to make a sexual fantasy come true, to discover new experiences, to have sex as an anti-stress measure ... Among many other reasons, we also find that of simply feeling new ways of pleasure. After all, this is the main purpose of sex.

However, often, we can find ourselves facing a creativity blockage in bed. Do you always opt for the missionary position or, in some cases, that of the puppy? Do you think you have a little varied repertoire? If you meet a luxury escort, the solution is easy: it will be enough to ask him to propose new postures to practice during your meeting, since, most likely, he is familiar with a wide range that will surprise you.

Another option is to read our post, in which we will list and explain some of the most exciting sexual positions that you can practice with a luxury escort:

Exciting sexual positions with escorts

The deep

It has this name because it allows to easily reach the G-spot of women, a deep area that for many men is unknown territory. But, with this posture, you will have no problem when it comes to reaching it and providing your lover with the most intense sensations.

To practice this pose, she must lie on her back and support the ankle area on your shoulders. You should lean towards her, supporting yourself with your hands at the side and side of her body and with your knees on the bed. In this position, it begins to penetrate it. You will notice that you reach the bottom more than with other positions, such as that of the missionary.

The fusion

Sit with your legs stretched out and your back slightly bent back. Lean on the floor with your palms for comfort and stability. The escort will sit on top of you, face to face, also with her back bent or back, her legs stretched or flexed, and supporting herself with the palms of the hands on the floor. It requires some arm strength, but the effort will be worth it.

The subject

Would you rather she be upstairs? Do you like women to be in control in bed? So, lie on your back and have her sit on you, sitting with her back to you. The escort will move up and down to achieve a very deep and pleasant penetration. You will find this new perspective very erotic, allowing you to see how your back arches with pleasure.


To carry out this posture, the escort must lie on the edge of the bed and flex her legs to one side, but with her torso facing the ceiling, as much as possible. This position allows the clitoris to be trapped between the vaginal lips, so you can stimulate it during penetration.

Also, you will enjoy a perfect angle to enjoy the escort's breasts moving to the beat of penetration.

The bridge

This is the most extreme posture that we have proposed in this post. Stand up, with the escort facing away from you, grab her around the waist and penetrate her. As you do so, she will have to lean forward little by little, until she ends up with her hands on the ground.

Although it requires great flexibility on the part of the escort, it is a posture that will be very intense and pleasant for both of you.

If you want to try all these postures with the beautiful escorts that collaborate with Felina Barcelona and you want to discover others, you just have to let us know. Call to make your appointment and we will help you choose the most versatile professionals who guarantee the new experiences you are looking for.