My experience as a luxury prostitute in Barcelona

Luxury prostitute in Barcelona

Are you curious to know how the life of a luxury prostitute is in Barcelona? In today’s post we are going to tell you about the experience of one of the girls working at Felina Barcelona. In order to respect her privacy and keeping in mind that she has given some details of her personal life, we have decided to change her name. Don’t overlook her story.

My experience as a luxury prostitute

There are many people who, upon knowing my profession, want to know how the everyday life of a luxury prostitute is. Will it be ghoulish fascination? Curiosity? Sharing my experience is no reason for shame. However, I often feel judged by a hypocrite society, which is incapable of acknowledging that prostitution is also a job.

In my profession I introduce myself as Ares. I am 26 years old, and I am sex professional who knows no taboos. I am a graduate in business studies, have a master’s degree, and speak three languages. I like to look after and maintain my body through exercise and healthy food. My everyday life is very normal. I attend dance classes, spend a few hours at the gym, and work for the time I want to. Besides the whole range of services I have on offer, what my customers value the most about me is the fact that I am intelligent, fun-loving and intimate. I decided to make a living as a luxury prostitute because it allows me to enjoy sex, organize my time and have a nice income.

There are many virtues that a luxury prostitute must have, owing to the variety of services demanded by the customers. The phrase “a lady in the street but a freak in bed” perfectly explains what I am about to tell you. Most of my customers are big men, with a high purchasing power and little time for love relations. These men are usually middle-aged, between 35 to 50 years. Sometimes they are handsome and attractive, and most of them are well-mannered and respectful. There are many clients who, besides the sex session, are interested in luxury prostitutes, their cultural level, poise, and, more than anything else, inconspicuousness. It is very usual for them to demand my services for accompanying them to an event or a dinner, which always has a very happy ending. For being the best in this job, you need to adapt yourself to every client, and that can only be achieved by observing him.

“Anal sex is one of the star services”

One of the most requested sex services is the lesbian show or threesome with another woman. This service includes sexual relations between me and the other lady, and also with the client. It is amazing how happy you can make a man by having sex with another woman in his presence. He loves to see how we please each other, before joining our game. Another star service I offer is anal sex. There are many customers who request this exciting sex service. I don’t just receive clients who want to have anal sex with me, but also many others, including the ones who want me to penetrate them with a harness or dildo. There are many options when it comes to sex. The most important thing for satisfying a client is to exactly know what he wants.

My favorite dates with my customers are the ones in which we create a relation with each other as in the erotic costumes or striptease service, or the couple service. In the striptease service, for instance, I can present myself to the client as I am, and highlight my qualities, energies and tastes. I like this service because I enjoy putting on show my womanly weapons, femininity and sensuality. Without doubt, these are the essential requisites for driving the customer crazy. Another one of my favorite services is the couple service, because an intimate relation is created therein with the customers at the time when they make you a part of their intimate relations, thus giving that spicy touch to the rendezvous. The result is incredibly exciting when you strike a connection with the clients.

Something I always mention at the time of explaining what I do is that I have always –before taking up this profession and now when I have been working as a luxury prostitute for six years – been totally free to choose my path. I will remain a luxury escort as long as it makes me happy.

What are your thoughts about the experience of one of the luxury prostitutes working at Felina Barcelona? Would you dare to share yours as a client with a luxury prostitute in Barcelona?