New brothel in Barcelona: La Suite

Whorehouse with escorts in Barcelona

This week we want to present the new bordello of the felina group to you: La Suite Barcelona. As we have already announced, the new brothel in Barcelona will open its doors on next Monday, May 23. Do you want to know everything about La Suite? We are telling it all to you today.

New whorehouse in Barcelona

Using our broad experience in the luxury prostitution industry, we have reinvented ourselves and have created a new and even more luxurious and elegant brothel than the previous ones. The building in which La Suite is now located is the one to which the legendary Sauna de Cristal belonged. The old premises have been demolished and we have built a new and totally different whorehouse that will come into being come May 23 after 8 months of renovation.

The new premises have more rooms and are more spacious. Each of the 10 rooms of La Suite Barcelona have a unique and exclusive design and has been designed by taking care of the most trivial of details. Among many other comforts, you will be able to relish big mirrors spread across the wall, various music channels, lights with adjustable intensity and personal hygiene products at this new brothel. Everything has been designed for your sex session with the escort to be a memorable one.

One of the main new features of this whorehouse is the bar in its center. There you will have the chance to know the escorts working at La Suite Barcelona while drinking the best liquor.

Perfect location for a brothel

Certainly, one of the most significant advantages of this whorehouse is its unbeatable location in Calle Tarragona, 177. A few steps from the Sants Station and the Plaça d’Espanya, you can easily access it from any point in Barcelona. Because of being a place where thousands of people pass by, there are many lines of public transport, both metro and bus, that you can use to reach La Suite Barcelona. Thanks to its privileged location, you can reach the airport in just 18 minutes by car, which makes La Suite the perfect brothel for those express trips to Barcelona.

Other new features of La Suite Barcelona are that it has 3 entry points, each of which is more discreet than the other. The main point located in Calle Tarragona is through the doorway of a completely unobtrusive building. You can also access our whorehouse through an outbuilding located in Calle Mallorca. Finally, La Suite Barcelona has a direct access from the parking lot located in Calle Rector Triadó, 98. Whatever way you chose to come in from, inconspicuousness is assured. La Suite Barcelona is a synonym of professionalism and style.

In addition to the aforementioned, other reasons for visiting our new whorehouse in Barcelona is that there you will find everything you are looking for. The escorts working at La Suite provide a whole range of exciting sex services on both on and off our premises. Thus, you will be able to fulfill many of your erotic fantasies. Moreover, some of the escorts also engage in partner service for events.

If you want to get more details about the new whorehouse in Barcelona, you can check out the website La Suite BCN and follow our Facebook and Twitter profiles.

May 23 will mark a before and an after in the sexual flings with escorts in Barcelona. A new whorehouse in Barcelona, where all the details are thought of to ensure your enjoyment and comfort, will open its doors. La Suite Barcelona is a lot more than a whorehouse. Are you going to miss it?

Barcelona’s most elegant brothel awaits you!