New experiences in Barcelona: sado and domination

Sado and domination Barcelona

Do you know what the sado or erotic domination and fetishes is? The people who practice the most special sexual techniques, beyond the traditional missionary or doggy style, are in a parallel erotic world that can be complex but pleasurable as far as the intimate relations are concerned. Such services are practiced at many whorehouses, and there are girls who specialize in putting it into practice: an example is the sado escorts whom you can find in cities like Barcelona.

You don’t need to be in a relationship for getting a nice spanking, nor do you always have to be with the same person for relishing a nice session of submission. It is also possible to fulfill this desire by dropping by at Felina BCN.

What is sado? And… domination?

Currently we do not understand one without the other, but these sexual practices have their own definitions and features that make them different, and we take it into account at Felina BCN.

We understand domination as the fact of a person adopting a domineering role towards another, though with complete mutual consent. It is based on commanding and the commanding power.

The sado, on the other hand, from Marquis de Sade, is also based on pleasure by exercising power on and dominating a submissive person. However, the line is very fine, and can be confusing.


The BDSM, to be specific, is a set of sexual practices through which we like to please and pamper our clients at Felina BCN.

Why? Because of its exclusive mood, which isn’t widely understood, sado or domination are highly demanded services that are highly demanding in their results. The erotic sado escorts working at Felina Barcelona are very few, but are very efficient in making the most exciting sado fantasies come alive.

Felina BCN’s limits in sado/domination?

Taking into account and being aware of the possible dangers involved in these practices, the girls working at Felina agree on a safeword with the client to stop at once and avoid any kind of risk.

Despite this small detail, the best sado and domination is practiced at our brothel according to the tastes of our clients.

The most demanded service is the erotic sado. This refers to a milder version of sado in which either the escort assumes the submissive role or, as is often the case, she takes charge. If your profile is more dominating, all you have to do is get in touch with us and we will advise you so that you have a nice BDSM experience and, more than anything else, the best sado.

After the success of the book, and its subsequent success on the movie screen, the well-known Christian Grey and his fifty shades, this type of mild domination has become more common in practice and is, therefore, more demanded.

Light sado is an aspect of this practice which is a toned-down version in which sex isn’t hardcore and aggressive. In other words, it is a transfer of power, wherein orders are given and domineering actions are taken, but without reaching the extreme end of inflicting any real pain on the submissive partner.

Attention, newbies! If you are interested in taking your first steps in the BDSM world, and especially in getting your first taste of sado or domination, and do not want to die of pain in the process, all you have to do is come over to Felina BCN and let one of our whores guide you with her specialization in such services.

Do you dare to experience new sexual practices? Call us on +34 630 333 111 or send us an email at or fill up our contact form. If you prefer to come and personally know the escorts working at Felina Barcelona, you can check out the ones available in real time here.