Sant Jordi in Barcelona 2017

Celebrate Sant Jordi at Felina Barcelona

One of the most important days in the Catalan capital is approaching: "la Diada de Sant Jordi", or the St. George’s Day. Barcelona is getting ready for the Catalan V-Day. Come this April 23, Barcelona will be full of small outdoor bookstalls and flower shops, for as the tradition goes, the book and the rose are the main gifts exchanged on the St. Jordi’s Day in Barcelona. You don’t know about the origin of this beautiful tradition? You haven’t been in Barcelona for long and don’t know why the St. Jordi's Day is celebrated? You know the story but do not know when the St. Jordi's Day is celebrated? Don’t worry. We will tell it all to you…

Sant Jordi Barcelona: The Legend

According to the legend of Sant Jordi (St. George) and the dragon, the town of Montblac was being terrorized by a gigantic dragon that lived on the outskirts of this small town. The beast had ruined the surroundings and its search for food was bringing it dangerously close to the walls of Montblac. The inhabitants start providing it with food in order to keep it at bay: sheep, oxen and horses. When there were no animals left, they were left with no choice but to provide it with the very inhabitants of the town. For the choice to be a fair one, they put the names of all the inhabitants of the town in a bowl, including those of the king and his daughter, and used to take out one name to decide the person who would be surrendered to the dragon. One day the princess was chosen to be sacrificed. It is said that the king asked his subjects to spare his daughter’s life, but it was all in vain. The next morning, the princess went out of the town walls, determined to face her destiny. When the fearsome dragon was about to wolf her down, a brave knight appeared on the scene and faced the beast. Once the animal was injured, the knight killed it with a well-aimed spear shot. Suddenly, a beautiful rose bush of red roses grew from the dragon’s pool of blood. The knight, whose name was Jordi, cut one of the roses and gifted it to the princess. After this battle, the knight became so famous that he was chosen to be the head of the cavalry and nobility.

Diada de Sant Jordi: History

Although the origins of the St. Jordi’s Day are not clear, there is evidence that a rose festival, which was attended by the nobility after going to mass in the chapel of St. Jordi, was organized in Barcelona in the fifteenth century. It is believed that the custom of gifting a rose has its origins in this festival.

On the other hand, the tradition of gifting a book in Sant Jordi may have its origins in April 23, 1929, when the booksellers in Barcelona joined hands to bring their shops out on the streets to present new developments and encourage reading. The initiative was met with such success that the day was declared as the book day. Years later UNESCO proclaimed April 23 as the World Book Day, which coincides with the death of Cervantes and Shakespeare, great authors in the history of literature.

Sant Jordi in Barcelona 2017

Diada de Sant Jordi: At Present

Today, April 23, St. Jordi’s Day, represents the day of lovers in Catalonia. Las Ramblas, the streets and the squares of Barcelona are filled with stalls where roses and books are sold right from the early hours of the morning to mark the celebration of the St. Jordi’s Day. According to the tradition, boys must gift a rose to their beloved girls, and the girls must gift them a book. At present, the red rose of St. Jordi stands for passion, usually accompanied by the Senyera (the Catalan flag) and an ear of wheat, as a symbol of fertility. Besides love, culture is also celebrated on the St. Jordi's Day. It is for this reason that numerous book stalls organize events like book signings. Sant Jordi is an ideal date for enjoying in Barcelona.

Sant Jordi 2017: An Alternative Plan

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