Sex with escorts: the advantages of sex without commitment

Sex with Barcelona escorts: the advantages of sex without commitment

There are those who believe that sex should only be done as a couple, and feel sex without commitment as something negative and we no longer talk about having sex with escorts. But they are very wrong, casual sex has many advantages and is much more satisfying, and here we will give you a few reasons.

5 physical benefits of sex without commitment

  1. Improve your self-esteem

There are some studies that maintain that sex without commitment increases our self-test and the image we have about ourselves. Feeling wanted, happy and powerful are some of the sensations that we experience in this type of encounter, including sex with escorts.

  1. Without explanation

One of the advantages of this type of relationship, especially if it is about sex with escorts, is that we do not have to give any kind of explanation. We can continue as if nothing had happened, go back to our partner and even have other sexual encounters without fear of being recriminated. And is that sporadic encounters with escorts facilitate family and work reconciliation

  1. Improves health

There are many benefits that sex offers for health. The first is the improvement of the immune system and the increase in antibodies, which help us fight disease. It is also good for our heart, in fact, having sex three times a week lengthens our lives and halves the chances of suffering from diseases.

  1. More happiness and less stress

By having sex we lower our stress and anxiety levels, since when we have sex we secrete endorphins, serotonin and cortisol, which are hormones of happiness. But this is not the only substance that we secrete, melatonin is another of the hormones that increase when having relationships and that help us sleep more and better.

  1. We do sport

For every thirty minutes having sex we burn an average of 100 calories, we also exercise our heart and muscles. As if that were not enough, sex rejuvenates about 5 years and in this case it does not do quantity, but quality.

The advantages of casual sex over partner sex

  • Experiment more and with more freedom. It is easier to carry out our fantasies with someone we do not know, who we know will not judge us and whom we will not see anymore. Many go to sex with escorts when their partner is not willing to give free rein to these fantasies. And it is that freedom and sex without commitment go hand in hand.

  • More excitement. Especially when it comes to agreed sex or sex with escorts, since we are waiting and we are gradually warming up. Going thinking about the postures and practices we want to do, makes us enjoy more when reproducing them

Surely you also have a fantasy (or more) to perform. Well, sex without commitment is your ally. You can go to Felina Barcelona and choose the girl with whom you want to make your dreams come true. And there is no better place to be loved and have sex with escorts.