Spice things up sexually with orgies in Barcelona

Spice things up sexually with orgies

Orgies are one of the most recurring sexual fantasies for many people and luckily they are becoming easier to make happen. This is for two reasons. Firstly, society is becoming more open-minded and it’s not as much of a taboo as it was in the past. Secondly, the growing escort industry makes it easier to find professional girls who are willing to take part in such a pleasant encounter.

You’ll probably find it difficult to find acquaintances willing to participate in an orgy. That’s why the option of using call girls who are ready to help you reach new sexual heights in a group sex session is the most secure way to ensure your aim of participating in an orgy is successful.

However, during an orgy, it’s not a case of anything goes. If you’re thinking about organising or attending one, the more you know the better.

What should you know about orgies?

Don’t worry if it’s your first experience of one – it’s very likely that there will be others in the group whose first it is too. What’s more, if professional escorts are participating, they’ll be more than happy to show you how everything works.

How many people?

Generally speaking, an orgy is defined as a sexual meeting of more than 6 people. A threesome is made up of 3 people; 4 personas is a partner swap; with 5, there’s a swap with an odd number of people, and finally, 6 is the ideal number so that everyone gives and receives the attention they want.

Different types

There are different types of orgies which depend on a variety of factors. Let’s start with bukkake, which is an orgy made up of several men and one woman and they ejaculate on her face. Whereas a gang bang involves one woman and several men, without specifying techniques or how the encounter ends.

Finally, there is what we call ‘free’ orgies, where everyone interacts with each other and there may be more men and women.

Taking care of yourself

An orgy is usually a very intense and demanding sexual activity, with sexual relations lasting longer than the average session between two participants. That’s why, if you want to last the session, it’s important to have water nearby to drink, as well as some light refreshments such as fruit, that will help to hydrate you and keep your energy levels up.

On the other hand, looking after yourself doesn’t only refer to food and drink, but the need to protect yourself by using condoms and lube. If you’re looking to try an orgy, we advise you to do it with escorts or call girls who will guide you during the session, in a professional manner, and will ensure you make the most of this experience.