The art of striptease in Barcelona

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Striptease is a real form of art that originated in ancient Rome. According to some scholars during the Ludi Florales, the theater actresses stripped naked on spectators’ demand. That is how nudatio mimarum, the first form of striptease, was born. Still the origins of what can be regarded as modern striptease lie in bohemian Paris during the end of the 18th century, and the truth is that striptease has changed a lot from its beginning to date but has remained one of men’s favorite hobbies.

Today there are many clubs that provide striptease in Barcelona, and the reason for the worldwide popularity of this dance is very simple. Striptease is one of the most sensual and arousing ways of seduction and, as the couple therapist Esther Perel explains, the reason is that “the sensuality of a woman’s body, the rhythm of the music and the sensual body movements slowly arouse and stimulate the viewer, and then the excitement and desire are born and take shape as what will then unfold”. In other words, it is the charm of expectation. Taking off one cloth after another is like leafing through the petals of a flower.

Burlesque, a show that parodied the world, customs and hobbies of the aristocrats to entertain the lower classes, was born at almost the same time in the United States and England. Still, in the 60s of the 19th century the organizers put a scene involving some scantily-clad women to maintain public interest.

Striptease at Felina Barcelona

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In striptease, the stripper’s body, sensual movements and music are the most important elements. The strippers will start the show by putting on a very sexy costume and will slowly take off the clothes. During the striptease, the girl will turn on the client by playing with him.

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