The fetishes you can discover at Felina Barcelona

Felina BCN fetishes

Fetishes are very common elements at bordellos. Do you practice them? If you are looking for an escort in Barcelona who engages in such a practice, you just have to keep reading.

Fetishism is concerned with the sexual arousal using any object, or the asexual parts of the body that make it easy to reach the orgasm in intimate relations, and this is good, very good.

As we were telling you, many customers regularly practice this sort of paraphilia. Fetishism is one of the services that our clients at Felina BCN can come across and enjoy fetishist experiences in Barcelona. How come? It is very simple. You will have this pleasure for a while with the escorts working at our bordello in Barcelona.

The fetishes you can discover at Felina Barcelona

Whatever the object of your fetish is, it is sure to be the best to stimulate the right and desired arousal for both of you, and… why not fulfill it?

What is your object of fetish?

Using a nice object to create the best erotic and sexual excitements isn’t an easy job. It is not an impossible one, either. It isn’t just about using the object, but rather involves the least effort to create a good atmosphere and have a very nice time.

If you are a compulsive fetishist and love to play and seduce with the most provocative objects, you just have to keep reading and pay a lot of attention to what we are going to explain to you. Here we go!


One of the most well-known and popular fetishes are heels. By definition, this object –the high heels– provokes a sexual arousal among both men and women.

A good stiletto can be very womanly on a careful and right foot, but also on a rough and robust one. The mere fact of putting on such footwear leads to huge erotic and sexual attraction in its use and intimate relations.

Are you the heel-types? At Felina BCN, the customer just has to request one of the collaborating hookers to have sex using stilettos.

Red lips

Red is the color people relate with passion, love and sex. Why? Its intensity and attraction make it appealing in all senses.

Well, this effect can be applied to a fetishist body part for many men. Two fleshy lips painted with intense red color is a factor that many men take into account as far as their sexual desires are concerned.

Can you imagine an escort providing you with a blowjob with her vigorous and attractive lips? If her vulva arouses you and you love the red color of her lips, you just have to ask your partner to put on some make-up on the concerned area… and enjoy!


Do you know about podophilia? If not, pay attention. This paraphilia is based on the sexual interest in and arousal by the feet. This fetish is very common among men.

As we were telling earlier about the heels, feet are the most well-known and traditional fetishes, besides being closely related to the feminine and seductive footwear. However, those who are fond of feet demand playing and conquering through erotic massages and masturbations using the feet.


There are many kinds of lingerie to seduce and win someone over, to have many sex games and to even lead to multiple heart attacks, but did you know that it was a fetishist object?

Red- or black-colored lace lingerie is the favorite for those who love such garments. But it is not because of being a sort of innerwear, but because of what it hinds behind itself.

What fetish do you like the most? Call us on +34 630 333 111 or send us an email to or use our contact form. If you prefer to come and personally know the escorts working at Felina Barcelona, you can check out the ones available in real time here.