What is the difference between CIF and OWO at Felina Barcelona?


The escorts in Barcelona working at our brothel Felina Barcelona are very clear about it: French sex is one of the customers’ preferred services! And no wonder, the fellatio is one of the most enjoyable practices for men: a woman’s saliva on his genitals, the touch of her tongue and the eye contact take him to seventh heaven. Did you know that there are many ways of having French sex that you can experience at Felina?

If your sexual fantasy is to try the French BJ in all its forms, our bordello will make your dreams come true. We don’t just confine ourselves to a simple fellatio wherein a woman lies on top of you and gradually licks your testicles and genitals. Here, many escorts do a lot more than that. The prostitutes that Felina Barcelona has chosen know how they can satisfy you with a blowjob and will give you the chance to opt for the way that drives you crazier than the others.

Do you imagine yourself ending the blowjob on the face of one of them? You are surely reaching out for the phone to give us a call! And why not? There are very few women who dare to engage in a CIF, and some of them are working at our brothel. You can know some of them in these profiles.


We know that you are looking for a little more than the CIF, but at our whorehouse we never want to cease surprising you: you can also hire the OWO service and oral sex. Do you know what we are talking about? The OWO is a blowjob in its purest form: without a condom. It is one of the most sought-out services by the clients, for which they don’t have to pay any additional amount. We are asking for just one thing from you: choose the escort who wishes to do it and abide by the hygiene standards so that both of you can fully enjoy the relationship.

Do you want to know more about the CIF or OWO offered at Felina Barcelona? Keep reading! It will make your mouth water.

The most exquisite Cum-in-Face (CIF) and Oral Sex without Condom (OWO) at Felina Barcelona

At Felina, we believe that the blowjob is an art. Therefore, we assure our customers dropping by at our bordello that our escorts will take them to sexual ecstasy with their tongues’ play.

There are many forms of fellatio that you can experience here, but we will tell you in detail how it would be if you chose CIF or OWO. Pay attention!

French facial

There is nothing else that gives more sense of freedom to a man while getting a blowjob than to end it by ejaculating on his partner’s face. To know that he can always reach the orgasm without ejaculating at any other place is an aspect that makes many men enjoy.

But, can you think how would it be to know that he can ejaculate on a gorgeous lady’s face? You won’t just feel freedom, but also a sense of “certain domination” over her. It would be as if you were leaving your personal mark on her beautiful face. However, it must always be done by respecting the wishes and limits set by the chosen girl. Not everything becomes fair after hiring the services of an escort engaging in the CIF.

Would you like to try it? These are some of the girls with whom you can put it into practice. Don’t take long in choosing one of them!

Oral Sex without Condom

There is nothing more natural than going back to the origins of a blowjob: the Oral Sex without Condom. As the word indicates, Oral Sex without Condom stands for doing away with condoms; the touch of the skin with the tongue without any intermediaries.

The girls working at Felina Barcelona will stipulate if they are willing to perform it or not. If they agree, the process is simple: the two of you start with a shower to be sure about the hygiene throughout the process, thereby creating the hottest and most sensual atmosphere.

She will caress your genitalia with her hands and tongue, and will proceed to put your penis in her mouth without a condom. The direct touch of her tongue on your testicles and cock will take you to nirvana in a matter of seconds: not just because of it, but also because of the mastery of these women in performing extraordinary fellatios.

Do you fancy trying the pleasures of the CIM with a Felina girl? Don’t resist the temptation and call us. You will enjoy a sexual rendezvous without any obligations with one of Barcelona’s most stunning women.

Book a date with an escort to practice the CIF or OWO or to even go beyond it if the situation warrants. Call us on +34 630 333 111 or send us an email to info@felinabcn.com or get in touch with us through our contact form. If you prefer to come and personally know the sluts in Barcelona working at Felina, you can check here for the ones who are available in real time.