Types of fellatios at Felina BCN

Fellatios at Felina BCN

Are you an admirer of the art of fellatio? Would you like to try out the experience of being with an amazing woman? You will find all this at Felina BCN! The hookers working at our whorehouse in Barcelona will show you why this is the most desired sexual practice among the men paying us a visit. Don’t give it another thought and drop by to know us!

As we were telling you, the fellatio is the most demanded sexual practice by the clients coming to Felina BCN. The touch of the lips of the refined women you will come across at our bordello, besides the sensuality that characterizes them, will force you to want to do it again with them. Do you want to come over and give it a try?

The blowjob that you can enjoy with some escorts at Felina BCN isn’t restricted to a mere touch of the lips with the genitals. Some girls do a lot more than that. They dare to practice different ways so that you can enjoy a blowjob: with a CIM, ending in an ejaculation in their mouth or on their face.

Types of fellatios at Felina BCN

That certainly got your mouth to water! And no wonder, as you can see in these profiles, these women are the epitome of femininity and sexuality: incredible curves, stunning, fleshy lips, jaw-dropping tits and asses. What are you waiting for to give us a call and enjoy one of the best blowjobs you have ever tried?

What kind of blowjob are you settling for?

Practicing a blowjob properly also means improvising and imagining new ways of playing with the genitalia. Not everything must be relegated to the mere contact of the tongue with the male genitals and testicles. The fellatio can and must go a lot beyond that for it to be a nice first course in a more complete sexual relaxation.

If you have already made up your mind to come and see us but haven’t yet chosen a specific fellatio, we are here to solve your doubts. Take note!

Cum in Mouth

As we told you in this same post, a CIM is defined as reaching the blowjob climax by ejaculating in the woman’s mouth: the semen comes in direct contact with her. Therefore, the entire pleasure is concentrated in the mouth and lips till the orgasm is reached, thanks to the circular movement of the woman’s tongue.

This is one of the most requested practices due to its grand finale: it isn’t necessary to stop the practice. You can let yourself be driven by all your excitement in the mouth of the woman with whom you are.

Cum in Face

The Cum in Face, just as the name goes, entails ending the fellatio on the woman’s face. This practice is one of the most chosen ones, since there is nothing more that gives a greater sense of freedom during a blowjob to a man than ending it on his partner’s face. Knowing you can reach the orgasm at any time without having to discharge at any other place is an aspect that makes many men enjoy.

Oral Sex without Condom

If you wish to go back to the origins of fellatios, this practice is meant for you. The OWO is a type of oral sex and is performed without condoms, only with the touch of the skin with the tongue without any intermediaries.

Deep throat

For the most daring ones! This practice is concerned with penetrating the girl’s mouth to the fullest in such a way that your penis reaches the maximum possible point of her throat.

It is important to bear in mind that is advisable to practice it with an experienced girl, since performing it may cause a feeling of nausea due to the close contact, because of which you will only enjoy it with a very experienced whore.

Do you now know what type of fellatio you are going to choose on your next visit to our bordello? Don’t resist the temptation and call us. You will enjoy a sex session without any commitments with one of Barcelona’s prettiest women.

Book your date with an escort in Barcelona to enjoy a blowjob or even go beyond it if the situation warrants. Call us on +34 630 333 111 or send us an email at info@felinabcn.com or get in touch with us through our contact form. If you prefer to come and personally know the escorts working with us at Felina Barcelona, here you can check out the ones available in real time.