Submissive escort girl in Barcelona

The Submission sex service refers to the sexual practice in which an escort voluntarily lets her be dominated by another escort or a client. Although it doesn't necessarily have to be physical in nature, this practice generally is a part of sadomasochism.

The submissive person enjoys being whipped by hand, whip or spanking and giving in to the orders of the domineering partner or master. During the sadomasochistic role-play, the submissive partner has a security code which can be mentioned whenever he/she wants to end the game, and the domineering partner must stop at once.

Submission, for them, is not an act of brutality, but rather one that exudes trust and confidence between the partners. The submissive roles of the escorts working at Felina Barcelona are not very abundant and are always carried out with erotic sadomasochism. If you wish to have a date with a submissive escort, we advise you to get in touch with us. Our manager will apprise you of the best escort for your fling.

Escorts providing Submission

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Important notice: Be careful with taxi drivers. Some of them may try to take you another brothel or club because they work on commission. Please kindly remember that Felina Barcelona is never closed. ×
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