Elisabeth a very professional Nordic escort

Nordic escort for luxurious sex

There are many men that come to our facilities looking for Nordic women. What do they have that attract men? Apart from they have a spectacular physique, commonly are blond ladies, very helpful and affectionate people, where their pleasure is give pleasure. In our escort´s house Felina Barcelona, we can find some of them, Lika, Valeria and our latest addition: Elisabeth.

Elisabeth is a pretty young lady from the Eastern Europe that offers a very professional sexual intercourse. Despite that she does not offer many sexual services, you can see her professionally, in how to treat her clients, how to indulge and please them until they felt in her arms.

Her 10 years as professional of sex, has allowed know perfectly the man's body, knowing their erogenous zones and how to stroke them to reach the maximum pleasure. Despite her maturity, Elisabeth has a beautiful shapes and an athletic body, as you can see in the pictures.

If you want to enjoy of this Eastern sexual company, that offers an unforgettable GFE experience, do not hesitate more and ask the sexual services of Elisabeth, she will offer you all the things that you are searching for. We remind you that if you want to add erotic toys to the sexual intercourse, In Felina Barcelona, you will find all the necessary to satisfy your fantasies.